So it Begins…

Greetings brave reader,

Welcome to my first post. Upon the recommendation of a good friend I have decided to take up a keyboard and pour out my bag-of-cats mind onto a blog, the success and continuity of which will be determined later on.

What I will cover in these blog posts is yet to be decided. One post may see me discussing space cowboys and duels on board space trains, pretty exciting I know, and the next moment I could be praising the brilliance of Dan Slott or Jason Aaron (Google them). In all honesty, I’m not quite sure where this will go but I hope that you enjoy whatever odd witticisms I share in these moments of expression.

I can not promise posts on a regular basis but I will post as often as time allows and when I remember to. Thank you again for looking upon this simple blog and I hope you will read future posts and enjoy them as much I will undoubtedly enjoy writing them.

Kind Regards,

Chris W.A.R

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