Marvel-lous Mumbling: Ms Marvel

 (See what I did there? No? I’ll let myself out…)

(Alliteration Game = Strong)

(I need to go outside more)

(Heading Game = Strong)
(I apologise…)

Kamala Khan. Pakistani-American teenager living in New Jersey. Ordinary girl most of the time. Except when danger shows its foul face and the she becomes the mighty Inhuman… MS MARVEL.

I was recently introduced to this wonderful character in her solo title that made an appearance in one of the UK based magazines that are published monthly and let me tell you that she is brilliant. Her enthusiasm, humour and genuine charm make it impossible for her not to be loved by anyone in my opinion and I highly recommend her solo title if one is searching for a great read as I could not resist it and have found it delightful thus far.

I found myself falling in love with the character that I couldn’t understand all the hype about rapidly. Despite some major differences I found myself relating to her in a profound, deep way. Her hectic life shares similarities to my own, what with exams on the horizon and my obvious aspiring superhero career (I think I’m hilarious but I’ve been told I’m not…). In addition, I found myself making comparisons between Khan and a teenage Peter Parker. Both have/had lives where they are/were juggling 99 different issues on top of fighting crime as awesome heroes. I think this could be partly why I find myself so drawn to Ms Marvel as Spider-man is decidedly my all time favourite superhero.

All that I have left to say is that Ms Marvel is definitely worth your time if you have any interest and I am certain that you will feel similar feelings of adoration that I feel now.

This concludes my second post ever and begins a hopefully long and succesful line of posts for this feature ‘Marvel-lous Mumbling’. I can make no promises what with the previously mentioned GCSE exams edging ever closer but I’ll shall see what I can squeeze in over the next few weeks

Chris W.A.R


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