On Comic Book Collecting: Lost issues


For those who don’t know, I have been an avid collector of comic books since February 2014 with an issue of Iron Man starting it all off. Since then my collection has expanded (some would argue far too much) in the two years I have been collecting them to 277 overly-documented and overly-rearranged comics. In my time collecting it has been a mostly smooth experience with the only real issue being the steep prices I have paid for far too many of them. However, as I moved on to collecting the monthly books released by Marvel one problem has cropped up more than once: LOST ISSUES.

In my alarmingly copious amount of free time I have browsed many a comic book website in search of my what-can-only-be-called need to satiate my addiction (which, as I point out to my dear parents on a regular basis, is not drugs, ensures I will not become a father at the young age of 16 and keeps me within the safety of the home at all hours of the night). However the search remained futile until I stumbled across A Parallel Universe (obviously not an ACTUAL parallel universe but it would be nice if I could every once in a while once I get the darn machine working again). Their prices are very reasonable, customer service brilliant and overall charm makes my regular shopping with them all the more enjoyable.

For those wondering, I do very much enjoy the sensation of entering the hallowed halls of comic book shops (Note: My experience consists of only 5 shops) where I get an intense sense of belonging almost unparalleled by anywhere else. However, my nearest one is in Melksham and the trip their every Wednesday would eat into my comic book funds. In addition, I avoid going anywhere with any form of social interaction unless A) The person/ people I’m meeting is/are someone/a group I feel comfortable around, B) I’ve been forced to lead the comfort of the fortress I call home to venture into society or C) If I think I will enjoy it in some form or another.

During my time purchasing my comics from A Parallel Universe the arrival of my comics has always been prompt, well packaged and delightfully received. However, accidents happen and I did not receive one comic from my January order or my February order. Feel free to cry, I won’t judge. I hasten to add however that I was reimbursed with a few of these comics and I was fully refunded. That wasn’t the problem.

The world of back issues is a nightmare. Locating the comics needed in the first place is the first hurdle that must be overcome. However, the terror escalates when one has to deal with the higher prices charged by other sites. One particular character, Doctor Strange as shown, has caused the most grief as both the issues I needed were very popular and one of my good friends was also searching for them.

However, as of today, my collection has been fully completed with the arrival of Doctor Strange #5 (Cho Variant) at the hands of my beloved friend, the postman (who doesn’t know we are friends but whom I am certain would happily befriend little old me if given the chance). The price was steep but at the end of the day the characters in the gold tinted pages (a possible side effect of the excessive amount of tea combined with equally excessive number of jam tarts I consume) of the comic books I collect contain characters who I share a special connection with (Iron man and I would get on like peas in a pod. I’m certain of it).

With 10 exams left to go and my last day of school before a blissfully long break I’m hoping to be able to post a fair bit over the summer holidays on Lego (which I have not opened since their purchase over the past few months) , Life and, you guessed it, comic books.

Ta rah from me for a brief spell,

Will R




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