And now I’m free

In the words of this dastardly-but-brilliant robot, I’m free of exams, revision and all the stuff that came with it. He even has a celebratory fist pump, almost as if this image was made for this post (See, Iron Man and I were just meant to be friends). I have to be honest though, I kind of miss it. Please note, I in no way miss the monotonous hours of sitting in a surprisingly comfortable chair and having my knowledge put to the test (The silence, however, was golden). I miss the purpose it has given me for the past couple of months and for it to end so abruptly is rather, dare I say it, saddening.

However, all clouds do have a silver lining. As of tomorrow, I have 76 days of holiday to enjoy and up to this point the only things I have achieved are A) Finishing series 5 of The Walking Dead (A show that is horrific but arguably enthralling) and B) Locating a bunch of old Lego instruction books (with which I will probably do nothing). Exciting stuff, I know. My solution: a to-do list (upon the recommendation of my mum).

Lets begin by establishing some pre-arranged plans that that have been put in place:

  1. The National Citizen Service (NCS) – I will be going away for two 5-day periods separated by a weekend. The first of these will be spent in Poole doing outdoor pursuit and the second spent in a big country home where we learn about life skills. The only aspect of this I’m dreading is having to make conversation with new people (something I obviously don’t enjoy) and then having to share a room with them. I’m sure it’ll be okay…
  2. X-Men: Apocalypse – Along with one of my very good friends I am finally going to watch the film tomorrow. It won’t take up much of my day but at least it will get me out the house (something that may not occur a great deal in next few weeks).
  3. Prom – A week tomorrow I will be attending my Year 11 Prom. I have no doubt it will be an enjoyable experience just so long as the speech (I think) I’m giving  for my form tutor goes well and I don’t try too hard to be funny (which is obviously going to be the case).
  4. Minorca – I will be going away for a week to the delightful island of Menorca with my family. It will be a wonderful week (so long as the weather holds) where I can either celebrate success or wallow in self-pity over my GCSE results.
  5. Lego Bonanza – I have been compiling a fair number of Lego sets for the precise purpose of playing with them after exams. I hasten to add the age rating is a big lie. It’s skill level (obviously). It also gives me something other than comics to write about.

This does seem to be a large amount of stuff which I will be doing. However, it is all timed either later in the summer or only takes up a few hours. There are several other things I would like to do which can be seen below:

  1. Learn another language – It would be a good way to spend my time and would help broaden my skill set. I’m thinking of doing perhaps Dutch or German but I have yet to decide. Who knows, I might do both.
  2. Back to the Future marathon – I love Back to the Future and feel like revisiting all 3 for a glorious back-to-back viewing experience.
  3. Read Fellowship of the Ring and other books – over the past couple of months my reading of books has declined at a level that I find unacceptable . I have a pile of books to read and I intend to do so. Comics shouldn’t be the only thing I read.
  4. Sort out my Lego – I always go into this task with excitement but after the first hour I begin to regret my choices that lead up to this moment and wonder when the prison sentence will end. However, it does provide a degree of relaxation until I inevitably tread on a piece of extra sharp Lego and cry for a full 5 minutes.
  5. Go for long walks/ bicycle rides – With a long stretch of canal a brief 5 minute walk away I have an urge to take some long walks. Whether or not I gather the motivation to do so is yet to be determined.
  6. Build a big Lego Space Turtle – Not much else to be said here.
  7. Write more posts – I have plenty I could talk about and the page is looking a little empty so this feels like the most viable solution.

As is clear, I have stuff I want to do and perhaps writing them down might actually motivate me to do them. We shall have to wait and see what happens. Either way, I’ll keep you updated.

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