Marvel NOW! (2016): Mosaic

Whilst scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook (something I do far too often) when I came across a post detailing a reveal of a teaser circulating around Marvel comic books at the moment. This, as is obvious, piqued my interest so I went exploring (all in the comfort of my home so a win-win all round). To see said article click on the name here:  Mosaic.

I will now provide a brief summary of said article for those amongst you who A) Don’t really want to go surfing on the web or B) Are so enthralled by my posts that you simply can’t bear to be separated from what I can only assume a delightful refuge in this world of madness (I’m aware the former is probably the case but I like to think people enjoy my frequent ramblings which at present are all about comics):

Morris Sackett was a successful professional basketball player, selfish jerk and more importantly a latent Inhuman that he is personally not aware of. His power: the ability to occupy other’s bodies as means of his own survival. Having had his handsome (the article’s description, not mine) body taken from him and being left as a free-floating entity he has no choice but to take over a person’s body to survive. Once within the host he takes in all their memories, attributes and emotions making him undetectable, ‘the perfect spy’.

This brief summary is a mere glimpse at the details covered in the article and more can be found at the link given. The main reason my interests were piqued were the fact that Mosaic is a new and (as far as I can tell) original character produced by Marvel. As I love new characters I felt like a must to find out more as new characters are introduced as much as I would like.

My personal draw to the character is the possibilities of what he could do and what he will do. He has the ability to completely destroy the world if he choses to possess (best word I can think) someone of high importance. I’m equally curious to see the effects it has on him when he moves from body to body. He just evokes a great sense of curiosity that I will have to satiate with issue 1 (Out this October).

If you have any thoughts on the character please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what other think about this new character.

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