For the Love of Lego: Crossbones’ Hazard Heist

The first in a string of sets I shall be reviewing in the next few days. Crossbones’ Hazard Heist, the smallest of the 5 sets I saved for this week, consists of 1 main build and 1 additional small build (if you count clicking on a motorbike body and wheels to a frame as a ‘build’) along with 4 (I’m including Redwing as a figure) minifigures.

The Builds:

Crossbones’ Jeep – Fantastic. Simply fantastic. The combination of brown, black, orange and grey work really well (in my opinion). The armoured plating adds a real villainous, smashing aspect to the whole jeep which I love. The size is a little big in comparison to everything else but I still love it as it looks more imposing. Action features include: the classic stud shooter implication (which I don’t care much for but then again this is retailed for people far younger than me) and a tab which ‘explodes’ the back of the jeep off (again, not of much interest but again not really meant for 16 year olds who should probably get out more (Scratch that, I love collecting Lego and I honestly don’t give a monkeys about what other people have to say about it)). The overall look of the vehicle just screams villainy (for me) and Lego have done a cracking job in my opinion.

Avengers’ motorcycle – Not a great deal to be said here. The inclusion of a motorbike is great as I didn’t have one and it gives another mode of transport for non-flying Avengers. The ability to clip on one of Black Widow’s batons is great but I feel like having sticking straight up is a little silly. However, I can easily ratify this and will probably make some tweaks to it anyhow.

The Figures:

Black Widow – Brilliant to have her in a cheaper set (noted, I was buying all the Civil War sets regardless but still great to have her more available). Her costume is the one from Age of Ultron which is a bit of a shame but I liked the costume from that film anyway so I’m happy. The batons are a nice addition if only a little big.

Falcon – My favourite figure in the set (mostly because of his inclusion in my top 10 favourite heroes). The use of his modern costume was great and the wings in particular are amazing. The hair is a little thick but I don’t mind as it is a useful hair piece to have. When you clip on Redwing he does look a little back-heavy but it is a nice touch in its relation to the movie and makes storing Redwing a tad easier.

Crossbones – Perfect except for the mask which feels too natural (compared to the one from the film). From a comic perspective however the mask matches the mask that is worn in the comics which I think makes up for it. The addition of a flamethrower was cool too and this can be stored conveniently in the back of the jeep.

Redwing – Together with Falcon, Redwing was a wonderful addition to the set and brings back fond memories of Falcon’s affection for his friend and telling people to pet Redwing. One of the funnier parts of the film.

I absolutely loved building this set and the figure line-up is well worth paying for, especially with the price beginning to go down. If you have any questions about the set please leave them in the comments and I will provide an answer where I can.

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