For the Love of Lego: Iron Skull Sub Attack

The first of 2 non-Civil War sets to build and my initial ‘meh’ set. I would now like to add that it is far from ‘meh’. It is an aquatic beauty (Never mind, Narwhales are aquatic beauties (Unicorns of the sea for goodness sake!) this is simply a great set). It consists of 2 builds, one really big build and one comparatively small build. It also comes with 4 minifigures, two villains and two heroes.

The Builds:

Underwater jet (Let’s spice up the order a bit ) – This was a small build consisting of a really big piece with smaller bits built on it. An ingenious use of said car component gives the ‘jet’ (I honestly don’t know what it could actually be called but a jet doesn’t really cut it for me. It reminds) a very sleek look. The harpoons are a little oddly angled but the ‘jet’ is a nice accompaniment to the big submarine overall.

Iron Skull’s Submarine – A true thing of beauty. If Crossbones’ jeep screamed villainy then this submarine virtually hollering at the top of its voice “Mess with me and you’ll regret it!” The ingenuity used for the front of the submarine in creating a skull effect is simply amazing and provides ample threat for the overall submarine. The sleek body compliments this exceptionally. Having watched several episodes of the Avengers’ animated series (Animated series makes it sounds more grown-up) I don’t think it is a completely accurate representation as the show one can hold far more people. However, I can imagine Red Skull having a back-up personal aquatic vehicle looking very similar to the big one. Overall, the best bit for me is the prison cell. It’s overall design is brilliant and its ability to fold up and down fills me with childish glee (I spent many a minute folding it up and down, I assure you). The keypad is great, especially as I was given a spare which I can implicate elsewhere. Overall, a brilliant, villainous vehicle for an equally brilliant, cunning villain (who, I add, is making his return to the Marvel Comic Universe! Let me hear a whoop whoop! No one? No? Okay… this is a tad awkward…).

The Figures:

Iron Skull – As I did not previously own a Red Skull in any iteration (The latest Mighty Micros one just isn’t for me) this was a great minifigures to have in this set. His suit, as suggested, is modelled on Iron man’s own suits with a villainous spin creating a very menacing look (I even have a black and red helmet from a previous purchase to add to it, I’m thinking a big reveal in an animation (animations are something else I could do but have yet to get round to actually thinking of a decent story and motivating myself to do it)). A very detailed figure with a wonderful look in my opinion.

Iron man: Scuba Suit (Hammerhead suit (Such a cool name!)) – A new iteration of Iron man in a gorgeously coloured figure. The light green is very different from the classic red and gold that Iron man is famous for and it is a much needed deviation from it. The sheer bulk of the figure conveys a sense of readiness for underwater voyage (it is becoming clear that I take Lego a little too serious at times). The addition of a little ‘fin’ on the back just completes the figure wonderfully.

Captain America: Scuba Suit – With the addition of some bright red flippers, the latest Lego gas mask/ breathing device (of which I have far too many) and a couple of eye covers you have a scuba Captain America. Don’t get me wrong, Lego have done a good job. I just feel the addition of a little propulsion pack (with a clip for the shield, naturally) would have just finished it off nicely. The new suit is a nice iteration of the Captain with a more detailed torso (can’t complain about that).

Hydra diver – Similar to Iron Skull, I didn’t have any Hydra agents until I purchased this set. The label diver does apply to an extent but I think the figure alone makes for a very menacing Hydra agent. The face print has a menacing looking mouth, reminding me vaguely of Darth Vader, which makes the figure, minus the scuba gear, a worthy Hydra agent.  The classic green and yellow colour scheme is well received personally as I’m of a lover of classic costumes (except maybe Iron man’s (or as I call him best buddy Tony Stark) first suit, bit too clunky for me).

Overall, a brilliant set that, despite my pre-judgement, was immensely enjoyable to build and to then marvel at over the application of certain pieces. Yet another wonderful set produced by Lego. Again, if you have any questions leave a comment and I’ll happily answer it.


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