Marvel NOW! (2016): My Theory

Over the past few weeks Marvel have released several teaser images and it has gotten to the stage where I have begun collecting them in an album on my tablet (I do have a life, I swear. It’s just mostly taken up by Marvel). With said images I have been trying to get to grips with what this new universe could look like and have come to a theory that I’m willing to share, despite now thinking it could be a little far fetched.

Image result for kingpin civil war #1

With Civil War II in full swing tie-in series are being to start. One such series is about Kingpin, infamous business man with a taste for villainy, and above you can see him alongside some of the heavy-hitting villains of the Marvel Universe. Despite this not being affiliated to the Marvel NOW! teasers it got me thinking (dangerous, I know) about what the villains of the Marvel Universe were doing whilst its heroes exchanged blows.

I came to the conclusion that, as a result of the heroes focusing their attention on each other, villains have been given the opportunity to rise and take back ground lost whilst imprisoned. The nature of the cover shows them leaving through a tunnel from somewhere underground. With my personal favourite Regent being displayed at the centre of the crowd I’m guessing they have emerged from the prison he created known as the Cellar. This is rather interesting considering Regent is very anti-superpowers so releasing that many villains does feel a touch hypocritical.

With Marvel NOW! being presented as the aftermath of Civil War II, I have reason to believe that the Marvel Universe is going to take a darker turn with villains in charge and heroes desperately trying to regain peace whilst having to deal with the split caused by Civil War II. This may sound a little far-fetched, I know, but I personally think it would make for a rather fascinating Marvel Universe, especially with villains taking control.

If you have any thoughts on my theory or perhaps have your own theories please feel free to share in the comments.

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