The Buy Pile: June 2016

(Warning: This post will (inevitably) contain spoilers!)

This months selection of comic books which I purchased left many questions (as they should) and took me on a rollercoaster of emotions (Don’t judge me, these characters are very close to my heart).  Below you can find my summaries (Brief but I figured that would be better appreciated) along with a small personal response:

All-new All-different Avengers #10

In the wake of Avengers Standoff (See here for more details: Marvel-lous Mumbling: Avengers Standoff) and the introduction of the All-new Wasp, The Avengers are off on their first mission into space. Assisting Nova in his search for his father, the Avengers take to the stars only to have their trip cut short as they get shot down and crash on a planet covered with downed spacecraft. After visiting the tower that brought them down an ominous green cloud fills the skies and begins to take in crew members from other ships. The Avengers enter the cloud, hoping to find Nova’s father, where the 3 younger members become imprisoned by the deadly Annihilus, ruler of the Negative Zone! Whilst this is all going on Jarvis and Nadia (The new Wasp) go to see Janet Van Dyne (The old Wasp) where the Wasps suddenly jump into a helicopter together to go and stop a bomb exploding.

Yet another fantastic issue of a series I didn’t really like to begin with. I really enjoyed seeing the Avengers go to space. However, the appearance of Annihilus was even more exciting as I know next to nothing  about the character and it is great to see him up against the Avengers. Overall, a very enjoyable issue.

All-new All-different Avengers #11

Following their arrival in the Negative zone , the younger Avengers are shown doing hard labour under the watchful eye of some of Annihilus’ minions. Meanwhile, the older Avengers are regrouping, the Vision rendered useless with the absence of a sun and Iron man’s armour weakened by the presence of positrons (probably best you google it yourselves for fear of explaining it incorrectly). The Avengers confront Annihilus during which Iron man comes to the realisation that the band on Annihilus’ wrist is none others than the original Captain Marvel. He was able to use said band to open a portal to the other dimension where the other band is. After a full-on attack at Annihilus the Avengers obtain the band and destroy Annihilus’ universe destroying beam (Pretty cheesy but you can’t beat a good ol’ ray of mass destruction (Unless, of course, your an Avenger)). They return home safely where they suddenly realise a team member is missing. Spider-man (Miles Morales) is still trapped in the Negative Zone with a decidedly-grumpy Annihilus.

An impressive follow-up issue to #10. I enjoy seeing the Avengers working as a team (for how much longer I can’t be certain (cough cough Civil War II cough cough(I really cough need to cough get this cough checked cough out cough (I’m sorry Not sorry (Though I am sorry for the multitude of brackets within brackets)))), especially when it comes to helping each other out. Their combined concern over Spider-man was truly great to see. The cover is also one of my favourites to date, simply spectacular!

The Amazing Spider-man #13

With Peter Parker feeling a little burdened by his CEO responsibilities, Parker takes a break to go and play some baseball with the other Spider-man, Miles Morales. When he arrives he finds Miles Morales and Tony Stark playing baseball. As Morales is Parkers protégé, Peter is less than happy with the Stark-Morales friendship going on (He didn’t have an objection to Stark-Routledge friendship though, broke me a little inside). One thing leads to another and after Tony insults Parker’s web shooters and predicts that his company will crumble (Note: Stark is unaware that Spider-man is Peter Parker) and a full blown fight takes place. As this takes place Morales leave, mostly out of embarrassment, where Regent intercepts and captures him very subtly. A massive explosion. This “subtle” approach alerts Iron man and Spider-man to a possible problem where they find a scrap of his costume (dun dun dun!).

Other than the fact that Mr Morales can’t seem to catch a break from trouble, this issue of the Amazing Spider-man, like those before it, was very enjoyable. Seeing Parker going to spend time with Miles felt very human (despite the fact it ended in a brawl). Regent’s growing involvement is marvellous as I’m enjoying seeing the story from his perspective and his motivations for doing what he does.

The Amazing Spider-man #14

Regent takes centre stage in this issue of the Amazing Spider-man where he efficiently shuts down the Avengers using their powers to great effect. Iron man and Spider-man are left pondering where the Avengers have got to and come to the realisation, with the help of MJ Watson (as awkward as it sounds) Augustus Roman, CEO of Empire Unlimited, is Regent and has been taking heroes to the Cellar, a super-powered people prison where Regent is able to take their powers and use them as he wishes. Spider-man and Iron man go to confront him and are impossibly outmatched by Regent’s sheer power. Meanwhile, in passing, we get a glimpse at Aunt May with the shocking sight of coughed-up blood in a handkerchief (I swear, if they kill off Aunt May I will be distraught!).

Regent taking centre stage, for me, is more than welcome as I LOVE Regent and his confused morals. His take on all super-powered people being a danger to society leads to interesting actions being taken. His costume is also a sight of wonderment. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

The Astonishing Ant-man #9

With Cassie Lang, Ant-man’s daughter, stuck in a tight spot at Cross Technologies Ant-man is desperate to help his daughter in anyway he can. Assembling a team of villains and heroes they set out haphazardly putting together a plan to get Lang’s daughter back. Machinesmith’s 22 point plan is executed resulting in the villains gaining access to plenty of loot-able technology. Lang breaks away from the group to find his daughter surrounded by Augustine Cross, Darren Cross and Crossfire (William Cross). Crossfire opens fire and Ant-man attempts to escape but is encased in a container where he is taken by his arch-nemesis Darren Cross (dun dun dun!).

Ant-man, as ever, fails to disappoint with yet another issue full of wit, fun and the general humour teaming-up with villains involves. The assortment of villains and heroes provides a very entertaining dynamic, the constant jibes producing many light chuckles. As we edge closer to the big reveal as to how he landed himself in prison anticipation mounts.

Doctor Strange #9

With the world’s magic being drained at an alarming rate by the merciless Empirikul and his minions Doctor Strange is desperately seeking all the last scraps of magic left, including the bones of the Ancient One. Meanwhile, Wong is assembling a new selection of Secret Defenders to take the pain of Doctor Strange for Wong believes that it is the only way the Doctor can hope to win. The assortment includes those touched by magic, young and old, who have come to take back the parts of their lives they hold dear. Before Wong can fully set it up, Doctor Strange comes and stops it and stating that it his burden to take alone. Zapping Wong unconscious, Doctor Strange departs and the secret Defenders disassemble. Doctor Strange and his cohort of magic users take arms and go to the ruined Sanctum Sanctorum where Doctor Strange confronts the Empirikul in the cellar (a pretty nasty place where a creation of pain lives). With nothing left to lose, Doctor Strange goes in with no intention of showing mercy.

A pretty upsetting issue of Doctor Strange (This whole volume hasn’t been full of joy to be fair0 with him having to defile his master’s grave out of pure desperation. Seeing Doctor Strange stripped of all that he held dear is rather distressing as he is a character often seen as light-hearted and humorous. His defiant stance towards the Empirikul is pretty brilliant to read mind you.

Ms Marvel #8 (Civil War II)

Ms Marvel is called up the Alpha Flight Low Orbit Space Station where Captain Marvel puts her in charge of her Carol’s Cadets, a group of teenagers with a set of skills appropriate for preventing the crimes Ulysses, a clairvoyant Inhuman, predicts to a very high accuracy. The first mission: Prevent Hijinx, leader of a Canadian ninja syndicate, self-destructing a tank and hurting lots of people in which they are successful. Kamala is in support of the new system of protecting people, saving more lives and reducing the work load. However, a conversation with her sister-in-law Tyesha makes her question her trust in the new system. Whilst intervening a predicted robbery, Ms Marvel is called to the residence of a teenage boy who is about to vaporise a nearby school. When they arrive at his home the teenage boy turns out to be none other than Kamala’s friend, Josh.

I’m a huge fan of Ms Marvel (See here: Marvel-lous Mumbling: Ms Marvel) and this issue yet again shows my loyalty to the character is clearly not unfounded. Being the first Civil War II tie-in I’ve read I’m already intrigued by the premise of said Civil War and what it will bring.

On top of  my usual orders I bought some other comic. This included the first 3 issues of Civil War II (#0-2) and well as 4 Marvel: Timely Comics. They haven’t been included here purely because A) They deserve a separate post and B) The Timely comics each consist of 3 issues within one comic and I simply can’t generously summarise that into a paragraph. If you have any questions or thoughts please leave them in the comments.



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