For the Love of Lego: Avenjet Space Mission

The second non-Civil War set I purchased and built in the first week of my summer holiday (It helped take my mind of the EU referendum for an hour or so). It consists of one very large build and two, much smaller builds (which also happens to be the same thing, one for each foot). It also came with 4 minifigures and 1 big figure, 1 villain, 1 antihero and 3 heroes.

The Builds:

Avenjet – possibly my favourite Marvel vehicle I have ever built (and I’ve built a few). The sheer size alone is something I had not had the pleasure of building ever (from the Marvel line). The jet is based off the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (which I have watched and have enjoyed profusely) and I think it is a perfect representation of it in Lego form. The colours work perfectly and the overall construction of the Avenjet filled me with childish glee as it truly was immensely enjoyable to put together. Despite containing copious numbers of flick missiles and stud shooters this jet is a true sight to behold. The large block of grey at the back does take away from the bright colours of the set but on this occasion I don’t mind. The ability for the jet to split in two with a smaller ship able to break away from the top made me even more excited. A fantastic and beautifully designed build.

Thanos’ jet boots – To ensure Thanos can fly around space he naturally needs space boots to propel him along his path of destruction. The colours match his outfit superbly and transition well into his costume. The addition of two stud shooters is nice but their angle is a little askew which is somewhat irritating. Overall, fabulous boots for a fabulous titan.

The Figures:

Thanos – The Mad Titan! At last Lego have produced arguably one of Marvel’s best villains and better yet, another big figure! The costume is incredibly accurate and the colours used truly convey those worn by Thanos. His crazed grin is the perfect representation of his insanity. I would have appreciated the inclusion of an Infinity gauntlet but I appreciate that this would required a whole new piece to produced. Overall, a fantastic figure.

Captain Marvel – Yet another figure I’m ecstatic to now have in Lego form. The inclusion of a both a mask and her normal face is very well received by me and her costume is simply fantastic. Her hair is good but I think a yellow Mohawk would have been a great inclusion for when she puts on her mask. Nevertheless, a wonderful figure.

Hyperion – This character was another reason I was pretty keen to get my hands on this set. Hyperion is effectively the same as Superman (Though in this day and age it is hard to be completely original, especially in the comic book world) but with  darker motivations. I love the use of his brighter costume though any of Hyperion’s costumes would have been much appreciated.

Iron man: Space Suit – Iron man’s MK39 Gemini armour has been done very well by Lego. The suit is a nice combination of white and gold and the inclusion of additional boosters on his back give a greater feel of a space-faring Iron man. Not the most impressive figure in this set but nevertheless a great addition to my growing Iron man armoury.

Captain America: Space Suit – The basic figure is identical to the Scuba suit figure but it transitions well in both cases. The addition of a jet pack is brilliant and its ability to clip on to the side of the spaceship is a nice touch as storing accessories is often a challenge if not incorporated in by Lego.

One of the biggest Marvel Lego sets  I have had the pleasure in building and equally one of my favourites to date. If you have any thoughts or questions on the set please leave a comment and I will help where I can.

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