For the Love of Lego: Black Panther Pursuit

The second Civil War tie-in set which I had the delight of building. It consists of two builds (the motorbike can’t justifiably be called a build but I do like having another motorbike) and 3 figures, all of which can be classed as heroes.

The Builds:

Black Panther’s jet – the bigger of the two builds as well as the most enjoyable. A wonderful combination of light green (initially risky but surprisingly effective), purple and black give the jet a very sleek appearance, coupled with the overall design of the plane. The wings were attached uniquely to give them the fantastic angled look seen above. There is ample room in the cockpit for Black Panther to sit in at a variety of angles and the addition of a fire extinguisher is great. The plane itself has few action features (which doesn’t bother me at all) with an openable cockpit and two stud shooters making up the entirety  of said features.

Taskforce jeep – A smaller build but with ample space for multiple minifigures to be able to sit in it, perfect for display purposes. The use of black and blue gives the jeep a pleasing look and the instalment of a sneaky spring loaded shooter is appreciated very much. The use of certain pieces in some areas of the jeep are genius, especially the railing use at the front.

The Figures:

The Black Panther – a completely new addition to the Lego Marvel figure selection with whom Lego have executed with great success. The use of clip-on “ears” (for the lack of a better term) keeps the figure accurately sized and appropriately detailed. The “ears” do add a slightly unnatural amount of height to the head but overall the detail on the “ears”, head and torso produce a very fancy looking Black Panther.

The Winter Soldier – The second edition of the infamous Winter soldier to be produced by Lego is as equally impressive as the Black Panther. The printing on his metal arm alone is a thing of beauty and immense detail, a true success. The torso print is equally impressive, an accurate representation of his outfit.  I would have appreciated a masked face as an alternative face but overall this figure is fantastic.

Captain America (Mask less) – I love getting versions of figures without their masks (But when it comes down to it heroes should keep their identities secret for the sake of their own safety and that of their loved ones #TeamCap4Life(I can hashtag if I want to hashtag)). When I eventually sit down and attempt to animate my growing collection of Lego marvel figures having mask less heroes is a great for when they aren’t doing battle and are discussing events. The face is accurate to that of the Captain and the use of the recently introduced male hair piece is a fairly accurate representation of his hair.

Overall, another great Civil war set with a brilliant ensemble of figures.  If you have any thoughts or questions about the set please leave them in the comments and I will be happy to answer.

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