Marvel-lous Mumbling: Illuminati

Amongst my initial line-up of series I chose to collect with the launch of All-new All-different Marvel back in September 2015 I decided to give Illuminati ago (mostly because I quite like the occasional villain-centric comic book but also because of the name (shameful, I know)). Issue 1 was a little disappointing, to say the least, focusing on one villain and not the rest of the team. However, as the series progressed the story improved with some rather horrifying scenes (Issue 2 had a particularly nasty panel with Black Ant re-enlarging whilst inside someone).

The team consisted of (from left to right): Enchantress, Titania, the Hood, Black Ant, Thunderball and the Mad Thinker. The Hood was the leader of the team and his motivation for assembling them was based on the success of the alliance of the heroes. However, as is to be expected with villains, the members didn’t really all get on as they failed to follow the Hood’s orders, particularly Black Ant who almost got them all killed in a bar brawl after said incident in #2 and the Mad Thinker who abandoned them all in an armoury on Asgardia (Home of Thor (enough said)). Despite their unanimous  incompetence to work as a team the Illuminati’s membership swelled as a result of Avengers Standoff (#6 providing a tie-in to one of my favourite events). After rescuing the Absorbing man (Titania’s partner in both crime and marriage) the Hood is desperate to track down and do away with the families of the heroes who had wronged them. However, tension rises as some of the villains begin to have doubts about the Hood’s mental stability which results in him dropping them all slap-bang in the middle of Times Square where they had to deal with a large number of police men.

You will have undoubtedly noticed my use of past-tense in the verb ‘consisted’. Don’t mistake this as them all being dead (though Enchantress (turned out not to be Enchantress) was zapped into a rather foul dimension by the real Enchantress so could very well be dead). Unfortunately, the series didn’t get enough popularity and was cancelled after issue 7. This did leave me feeling a little saddened as I was rather fond of the series. However, all clouds have a silver lining and from the ashes of this fallen series I was able to collect a new one: MS MARVEL (Need I say more?)!

If you have any questions about the series, characters or story arc please feel free to leave them in the comment section and I will be happy to answer them.

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