On Comic Book Collecting: Broadening my horizons

No. You are not mistaken. The featured image of this post is in fact DC’s Justice League of America. Do not be alarmed for I have not fallen into madness (partly because I’m already there (Madness: Thomson’s #1 family holiday location 2004)). The Third day in the month of July in the year of 2016 marked a milestone in my life. I pre-ordered the first issue of Justice League: Rebirth.

How could I betray my second family and purchase a DC comic I hear you cry (or not, you may not even care)? I would like to add that Marvel took up 6/7 of my pre-orders or July so do not be alarmed. I haven’t completely dropped Marvel. My main motivation for purchasing a DC comic was that I felt the need to explore what other companies had to offer. Despite reading the Walking Dead graphic novels (published by Image), I don’t collect them as such (I lend them off a close friend). Being a huge fan of superheroes (I like to suss out the competition) I felt that DC was a natural step on my path of comic book collecting. There are plenty of other great companies out there (The only one I can now think of right now is Valiant) but DC had the biggest pull for me due to my familiarity with several of their characters.

Why Justice League? Well, as is the case, DC are offering many, many titles as a part of their Rebirth event. Only wanting to collect one (for now) I was torn between the Flash and Batman . As is clear, I chose neither. I simply couldn’t decide which one I wanted to collect more. Then I realised the Justice League solved the problem for me. It offered both the Flash and Batman in one comic alongside other heroes who I’m not familiar with like Aquaman.

With previous attempts to deviate away from Marvel ending with me back where I started, you (yes, you’re getting dragged along for the ride) and I are going on  a bold new adventure into unknown territory (unless of course you read DC comics, you can be my guide (or not (no obligation to guide me (unless you want to that is)))). My excitement over this might leave some of you with a raised eyebrow but its a step forward in my comic book collecting and that excites me. So lower your eyebrows, embrace my madness and I hope you enjoy my Journey into Mystery!

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