For the Love of Lego: Super Hero Airport Battle

The largest Civil War tie-in set and the largest Marvel set to date that I have purchased. It consists of 3 great builds (Giant Man is classed as a figure on the box so I will treat him thus) and 8 figures, all heroes, including 1 micro figure and 1 large buildable figure.

The Builds:

Quinjet (Third Generation) – Having not previously owned a Quinjet the inclusion of one in this set was brilliant for me. The size is much smaller than the Avenjet but I like the colour scheme and streamline design of it. In addition, it is not over crammed with action features. It contains two stud shooters which can be deployed and retracted by simply turning a cog. The wings fold in two places allowing multiple positioning. Overall, a great build and a wonderful addition to my air fleet.

Airport Tower – First of all, it was a great deal taller than I expected. The detail inside is much appreciated as it provides several computer screens and another keyboard tile if I ever feel the need to have two computers in an animation (which I will eventually make). The design is great and was very enjoyable to build. The action features are minimal and well concealed (perfect for display purposes). They include a breakable wall and crates that can be scattered. A simple but effective airport building.

Luggage trolley – A lovely little build to accompany the airport tower as a part of the airport. With ample room for a figure and plenty of luggage this fits its purpose well. The ability to catapult the luggage is a somewhat unnecessary in my opinion but welcomed none the less. In addition, intentional or not, you can store a small item below the luggage panel which I can imagine would be a desirable play feature for roleplay.

The Figures (Here goes):

Agent 13 – A new figure to join the Marvel Lego line-up. I don’t know a great deal about the character but the overall design is well transferred from the film to a figure. The torso print is very detailed and the hair piece is equally well received.

Ant-man (Micro) – Adorable. The inclusion of a tiny Ant-man is brilliant (I now have the full set) and surprisingly very detailed. The print is very accurate for such a small figure which is brilliant. The best part, I own two of them (Thank Lego and their inclusion of spare pieces).

Captain America (Mask) – Great to now own an official masked Captain America. I’m fond of the costume from Avengers: Age of Ultron which has been used here. Very detailed print which gives the figure a great look.

Giant Man – My favourite Lego Marvel figure to date. Giant Man has been perfectly executed to an appropriate scale to the other figures. The similarities between Giant Man’ posing capabilities are very similar to a normal figure which is fabulous. The arms, however, contain more movement capabilities which is brilliant. This build/figure is simply perfect.

Iron Man (MK 46) – Another, slightly different Iron Man armour. As ever, the print on Iron Man is sublime and wonderfully detailed. The inclusion of a blast rod is a nice accessory and welcome alongside the usual blue studs.

Scarlet Witch – One of my favourite minifigures in this set. Very detailed and the inclusion of a coat extension is brilliant and really conveys both the film and comic book feel. The inclusion of pink ‘hex’ disks are far better than the lightning bolts included with Hulkbuster set last year. A wonderful representation of Scarlet Witch in Lego form.

War Machine – Like Iron Man, a very detailed figure with great printing. The darker colours look far better than the grey suit in my opinion. The use of a stud shooter instead of a lightsaber hilt for his mounted gun is interesting and works effectively in this instant. The use a short bar to represent his ‘sword’ used in the battle is also great.

You will have noticed that I did not review the Winter Soldier and this is purely because he is identical to the figure that I reviewed in the Black Panther Pursuit set (which can be found here: For the Love of Lego: Black Panther Pursuit).

I thoroughly enjoyed building this set and the selection and quantity of figures in this set is simply marvellous. If you have any thoughts or questions on the set please leave them in the comments.




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