For the Love of Lego: Avengers Hydra Showdown

A bonus set gifted to me by my parents, my sixth and final post-exam Lego set is from the tie-in selection for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Consisting of two builds and 3 minifigures this a great set for both the builds and figure selection.

The Builds:

Avengers Jeep – A fantastic addition to my vehicle collection, especially as it is a ground vehicle and not an aircraft. Very well scaled to the figures with just enough room for two and possibly 3 figures within (I haven’t managed it yet but with the right amount of fiddling I imagine it could be achieved). The design is brilliant and the inclusion of accessory clips are much appreciated. The flick fire missiles are a nice touch even if they are used as an action feature or for display. A great build overall.

Hydra Buggy – Another ground vehicle and, better yet, a ground vehicle for villains added to my collection! The design is minimalistic but effective in conveying a light-weight and rapid feel for the buggy. The seat within the cockpit is wonderfully detailed with the inclusion of an additional head rest which was not necessary but great nonetheless. The removable stud shooter turret is a clever action feature and is secured relatively well by the light. An brilliant build to accompany the Avengers Jeep.

The Figures:

Thor – Fabulously detailed torso print on Thor. The darker colours look great on this figure and, as my first official Thor figure, it provides a great-looking Thor figure to use in the future (if I ever get round to animating them). The cape is equally great with a very nice texture to it.

Hawkeye – I really liked this costume from the film so to have it in minifigure form left me feeling over the moon. It feels a great deal closer to the comics than the Avengers Assemble costume and the use of this hair mould is far more accurate. Fantastic representation of Hawkeye overall.

Hydra Henchman – This modern Hydra henchman  looks rather swanky in his Chitauri-based uniform. His lack of a weapon feels a little unfair especially when pitted against the God of Thunder and an expert marksman. However, great to have another henchman for Hydra.

The builds and figures included in this set are brilliant and allow both for effective display and equally effective role-play (for those (like myself (occasionally)) who enjoy playing with the models). If you have any thoughts or questions about this set please leave them in the comments.

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