Marvel NOW! (2016): The Story Thus Far

Marvel NOW! 2016

What you see before you is the complete list of Marvel’s Marvel NOW! releases planned so far (Whether or not this includes every series is not certain). There are numerous new series starting including Kingpin, Prowler and the Unworthy Thor. In addition, many existing series are continuing with the likes of Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Gwen all remaining at their current issues. Personally, I am immensely glad that Marvel hasn’t scrapped all the series and hit the reset button and if this is how relaunches are going to work then I think I can live with the seasonal relaunch structure Marvel have planned to follow. For the sake of not wanting to comment on all 62 of the series above I’m going to pick the ones that interest me.

Titles I will definitely be collecting:

doctor strange 12 marvel now

Doctor Strange – I already collect this series and I will continue to do so. Jason Aaron writes it brilliantly and Chris Bachalo’s art accompanies the story superbly. Despite several problems with collecting this series involving two lost issues, I really enjoy it and will hopefully continue to enjoy it. The cover alone indicates to some pretty exciting content with the likes Dormammu and Baron Mordo set to trouble the good Doctor. In addition, with the film set to come out in October I need to make sure I am well read on Doctor Strange so I can just about work out what is going in.

Ms Marvel – No teaser image here (yet) but again this is a series I already collect so I will naturally continue to collect it. As a massive Ms Marvel fan (See here: Marvel-lous Mumbling: Ms Marvel) I feel obliged to collect it. G. Willow Wilson is a simply wonderful writer and her portrayal of Kamala Khan never ceases to be anything less than spectacular. I have sworn loyalty to the character and intend to collect the title for as long as it runs.

totally awesome hulk 15 marvel now

The Totally Awesome Hulk – As with the above, I collect this series already. Despite not loving the Hulk, the first issue of this series made me chuckle to the point where Amadeus Cho became a much loved character of mine. I don’t entirely know what to make of the cover but the appearance of Silk and Ms Marvel indicates the next few issues are going to be rather exciting.

Champions – A new series being introduced as a part of Marvel NOW! and my current favourite announced one so far. Every time I see the team (more often than I care to admit) I feel a little more enthused about the line-up. Cyclops has slowly become one of my favourite X-men and I’m super excited to see him alongside other favourites of mine like Spider-man (Morales), Ms Marvel and the Totally Awesome Hulk. Expect to hear more from me about this hopefully marvellous series.

Titles that have piqued my interest:

Venom 1 marvel now

Venom – Arguably one of my favourite Spider-man villains, Venom’s suggested return to Earth (He’s been hanging out in space for a while, fighting crime on an intergalactic level) has sparked my curiosity. My only hope is that he is in fact a villain and not a hero. I don’t mind reformed villains becoming heroes but I would rather have Venom as a bad guy because he is far more intense and exciting as villain. His return to Earth also indicates a possible return of Spider-man’s (Parker) Black Symbiote costume.

Hawkeye – I recently re-read a Hawkeye graphic novels which rekindled an old love for Hawkeye which stemmed from his more achievable abilities. Be it Kate Bishop or Clint Barton, I love Hawkeye. If Matt Fraction and David Aja are the creative team then I will definitely have to give this series ago, those gentleman make a spectacular combination.

Image result for marvel now! 2016 thanosThanos – I’m not overly familiar with the Mad Titan Thanos and I wouldn’t mind getting to know his character (partly due to his upcoming film and partly due to my personal shame of knowing very little about him). His apparent quest to obtain the Phoenix Force promises a rather spectacular plot and the thought of a Phoenix Force Thanos is mildly terrifying.


There are plenty of other series I would love to collect but I do have a limit on the number I can collect hence my limited number of new series choices. The absence of Ant-man and Spider-man from the list is saddening but offers up the opportunity to collect a new series. They may return and if so I will most likely pick them up again but for now, I have set my sights elsewhere.

The list does raise a big question which can’t be ignored: Where have all the X-titles gone? I haven’t been keeping intensely up-to-date with the Mighty Mutants but I am aware that the Terrigen mist that gifts Inhumans their powers causes a great deal of problems for mutants. Some X-men are kicking around in other titles with Storm appearing in Black Panther and several appearing in the Uncanny Avengers Team but the Extraordinary, Uncanny and All-new X-men titles are nowhere to be seen. Who knows, the X-men may (hopefully) return later. Until then, the fate of the mutants is unknown.

If any of the series above have piqued your interest then please share in the comments. Equally, if you have any other thoughts or questions about Marvel NOW! thus far please leave them in the comments and I will do my best to help answer them.

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