Review: Justice League – Rebirth #1

As with all the other DC Rebirth titles, a one-shot introductory issue was published for the new Justice League title which I picked up from Forbidden Planet (as I had to buy the Amazing Spider-man #15 from there due to an ordering complication from A Parallel Universe (My usual shop)). Honestly, I don’t quite know what I make of it.

The basic plot of the issue is that a very large and menacing alien has come to Earth and  dispatched its alien horde to latch on and direct civilians into the alien. The Justice League, as you can probably guess, are trying to prevent the loss of life in any way they can be it Boom tubes (yet to know what they are) or super-speeding people elsewhere. For those less familiar with the heroes pictured above I shall run through them now from left to right: Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lanterns, Batman, Superman, Aquaman and Wonder women. As one would expect, the Justice League defeat the creature with Superman providing the needed power to defeat the massive alien. Alongside the main plot is a secondary plot focusing on Superman. Having not read a great number of DC comics (I have a couple of issues of Green Arrow and Black Canary from 2008 and a Flash magazine from a year or so ago) I didn’t fully understand what was going on but from what I can tell the Superman in the Justice League now is not the original Superman (whom is dead, I believe). This creates for an interesting unknown for the Justice League as they are unsure whether or not to trust Superman which is mildly interesting, I won’t deny.

As my first real exposure to a DC comic I was a little disappointed to be honest. News of other Rebirth titles suggested that the issues being released were really good and generally very well written. It could just be my Marvel fandom influencing me but I honestly can’t say that I like the characters as much as I like Iron Man or Captain America. I won’t deny, the character line-up is great in terms of for me learning about DC’s best but I just don’t feel as connected to the characters as I do with those at Marvel. As mentioned, this could be due to my lack of exposure to them and my mild overexposure to Marvel characters but I can’t be sure.

Despite my mixed feelings about the title so far, I still have #1 to read and both #2 and #3 pre-ordered. I’m going to give this book a fair crack, as I did with other titles including Illuminati which I ended up really enjoying. If you have any questions or thoughts about the issue please leave them in the comments.


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