NCS: Phase 2

From amusing sleep talk to the gift of trust issues, Phase 2 was an interesting week. It was far less exciting than Phase 1 (though I did expect as much) but it was far more educational in terms of life skills.

The majority of activities were based on talks from organisations including the police force (And no, it wasn’t because we were miss behaving (Well, I wasn’t (I’m going to leave it there))), the Wiltshire Air Ambulance (twice), and several other charities. I personally found the chats really interesting, especially the police chat (mostly because one of the Police Community Support Officers was very amusing), but others did not share my positivity as they were an hour long each.

We also had copious amounts of free time which I spent either reading with my good friend Callum, fretting over Eggmond or chilling in my room. Reading was made far more enjoyable as a result of some exceptionally comfortable arm chair (They really were exceptional, like sitting on a marshmallow).

The facilities were also a big step-up from a tent but, as with levels of excitement, I had anticipated this. You have no idea how much glee temperature control in showers myself and others had upon our first shower (Reserve your judgement, it is not important or necessary here). Other than the fact that my shared room became a common room (with a particular get together going till 11 at night (I did become a grumpy old man, I shan’t deny), the rooms were rather nice and I found them spacious enough for 6 people to stay in.

My favourite part was a task our group leaders set us which was to care for a egg till the following Friday. Labelling mine Eggmond (Witty, I know) I carried that egg around me almost everywhere, ensuring he was safe at all times. Some said my care for the little egg was obsessive and mildly disturbed but I like to think it showed my intense paternal instinct (A polite way of saying an over-parental instinct). However, in a cruel twist, I lost Eggmond whilst performing a safety check (I had cushioned him in a pair of socks). When I went to return him I instinctively dropped him into the first sock (As I had done many times before) upon which I heard a dull crack. That ended the exercise for me and I was slightly sad (Maybe they were right to call it obsessive…)

Overall, slightly less thrilling than week 1 but seeing my friends again was very enjoyable and I like to think that my relationship with all of them was strengthened further as a result of the second week. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments.


2 thoughts on “NCS: Phase 2

  1. I had a similar experience with week 2, which I agree was a lot less fun than week 1! Did you have shared rooms? We all had single rooms . I wish we did the ‘egg challenge’ I have heard soo much about it! My week 2 experience was almost identical to yours, we had too much free time on our hands as the activities often ended earlier than anticipated! If you want you can check out my experience with phase 2 of NCS here:

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