Marvel-lous Mumbling: Timely Comics

As I mentioned in The Buy Pile: June 2016, I ordered several titles from Marvel’s Timely Comics line released in June. I will hopefully be reviewing each separately (depending whether or not I can muster up the motivation and/or find the time) but I wanted to begin with some positivity about the idea as a whole.

Retailing at 3 U.S dollars a piece (or £1.96 for UK readers), each Timely Comic compiles the first 3 issues of a series into one book. Not only is this an exceptional price for 3 issues but it gives you enough to satiate one’s comic book appetite (If by some slim chance the thought danced across your mind, I don’t eat comic books and never will (Unless my situation becomes truly desperate)) without feeling the need to go out and buy issue 4. I can’t deny that I do want to read the rest of some of the series but I’m happy leaving them at issue 3 (Not because I can’t afford to collect another 4 series (Obviously)).

In addition, the compiling of the first 3 issues into one book means that readers arriving late to the table can get a head start in catching up. I had and still have no real intention of collecting the series I have tried but I can say, first hand, that getting one’s hands on back issues can be nothing short of a nightmare (Well, nothing short of my nightmares (Best not go into those too much)).

In publishing these titles Marvel are also able to pay homage to their early years. Marvel Comics has not always gone by that name and for 11 years, spanning between 1939 and 1950, Marvel went by the name of Timely Comics. I find them using the name here to be very nostalgic even if it was not their aim to do so. It was half the reason I was so keen to get my hands on 1 or 2 of the books (Though my lack of self control lead to the purchase of 4).

Overall, a brilliant and affordable idea (Well, it’s more affordable if you don’t buy 4) which I think provide a very valuable service to new readers and those who just fancied taking a look at other series. If you have any questions about the line of books as a whole leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.


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