Timely Comics – Daredevil

I am a rather big fan of Daredevil. His character is fascinating and his power set is unique, leaving for interesting stories. As you can imagine (I assume (as ever)), the All-new, All-different Daredevil series would have been a natural choice for me to collect as I do like the character a great deal. However, due to his long run in the Mighty World of Marvel (a UK based magazine (of sorts) that is a year or so behind the current series) I figured that he would appear in it when the magazine introduced the All-new, All-different Marvel titles. Unfortunately, this is not going to be case (much to my distress) so purchasing this meant my broken heart (I’ve been single for a lengthy period of time (Mostly out of choice (Mostly)), comics can break my heart) could be partly absolved of its anguish (Judge all you want as, like Black Panther said, I don’t care).

Waid’s run that proceeded this new title is what got me into Daredevil. He never failed to hit the mark plot wise and always had me wanting more. I particularly enjoyed seeing Matt Murdock in his day to day life and I found his relationship with Foggy particularly touching. The fact that Waid left this series at the start the All-new, All-different Marvel reboot was saddening but his replacement left me hopeful. Charles Soule, a writer I’m familiar with as a result of the Civil War mini-series published during Secret Wars, is someone I respect as a good writer. However, I’m not so sure on the first 3 issues after reading the Timely comics edition.

An overview (I will summarise as best I can). Matt Murdock is back in New York City after a spell in San Francisco. Daredevil is also back with a new costume, ditching the old red suit for a black one. Both characters are struggling to do what has to be done with Murdock struggling to be taken seriously in his new law firm and Daredevil feeling swamped by the problems caused by the gang lead by the deadly Tenfingers. However, Daredevil is not alone for he has a new apprentice: Blindspot. His suit has the ability to make him invisible which is proving to be a powerful asset to Daredevil. Despite his new partner, Daredevil is still struggling to keep on top of the issue posed by Tenfingers which is further escalated by the Hand, a group of ninjas known for their skill. All this on top a struggling career in law leaves Matt Murdock in a sticky situation.

I can’t deny that the new direction Daredevil is exciting and more sinister than before but I don’t know if it is something I’m wholly on board with. The notable lack of Foggy for a start left me feeling rather upset as he is a fabulous character. The darker tone is loyal to the show but I’m not overly found of comics changing for the movies and shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Netflix series but it should be based on the comic book, not the other way around. Blindspot does, however, provide an interesting, fresh character alongside Daredevil which I enjoyed.

Overall, not sure about the new Daredevil series’ darker tone but the series looks like it could be an interesting one. I probably won’t collect this series mostly due to not being able to afford another one on top of the numerous series I collect (I won’t bore you with the details (mostly because it is more than I care to admit)). If you have any questions or thoughts on the first 3 issues of Daredevil please leave them in the comments.


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