Review: Suicide Squad

(Warning: This post doth contain spoilers)

Despite not planning to go to see this film (We (my good friend and I) were planning on watching the BFG but it was very, very busy (As was Suicide Squad but the seats were better (but far, far more expensive)) I ended up enjoying it more than I anticipated.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first. The plot was not brilliant, in all honesty. The idea of a massive machine laying waste to the planet is something seen before countless times (Marvel is guilty of such a plot device themselves) and I found it a little cliché. The villains behind the machine were intimidating though, their combined power proving to be rather terrifying. I just found the whole machine-of-mass-destruction thing rather tedious. Other than that, I had no real issues with the film at all.

All of the characters were brilliant. They fully immersed themselves into their roles and this paid off massively on the big screen. Margot Robbie and Will Smith were particularly brilliant in my opinion. Robbie put her heart and soul into the role to create a near perfect Harley Quinn. Smith was simply great to watch, very entertaining and humorous which I enjoyed profusely. In all fairness, the other actors/actresses were equally brilliant.

Jared Leto’s Joker was surprisingly rather good. As with Robbie, he put a great deal of effort into the role and created an impressive Joker. When I think about it, he filled me with a dread I would expect from someone as “off the rails” as the Joker. His limited screen time, for me, was not an issue. It allowed other characters to be developed in Suicide Squad and left room for more development of the Joker in another film.

The cameos of Batman/Bruce Wayne (both appeared) and the Flash were very enjoyable and it is great to see heroes in action (even if it was only 30 seconds at most. The Bruce Wayne cameo in particular was brilliant mostly due to the nature of it (cough cough Justice League cough cough). The mention of Superman was a bit of a pain mostly because it gave away a major plot point of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Which I have not yet watched) which I will not give away.

Overall, a tad expensive to go and see but a pretty great film which is not wholly deserving of the negative comments of the critics. If you’re considering going to see it, the characters alone are a strong incentive to go as they are truly fantabulous to watch. If you have any thoughts or questions about the movie then please leave them in the comments.




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