The Handwriting Tag

I have been nominated by the fantastic Thinking and Inking to do this. It has taken me longer than I care to admit to get round to doing this but I have now so here we go. If my handwriting is ineligible to you simply request the section you are struggling to comprehend and I will provide a typed copy (I won’t be offended (Much)).

For the small number of bloggers I have tagged, here are the sections to complete:

1. Write your name

2. Write your blog name

3. Write your favourite word and its definition

4. Write something nice

5. Write the name of your favourite song (Or songs, I had to put two myself) right now

6. What’re you writing with

7. Write a fun fact about yourself

8. Write/draw your favourite emoticon

9. Write a silly message

10. Write who you’re tagging



The bloggers I have nominated are as follows:

Gleam in eye

Crimson Pearl Blog

Sorry for anyone who I have missed who would like to do it. Please feel free to have a go anyway, the list does not exclude you from having a go. Equally, for those I have tagged in particular, don’t feel that you have to do it.

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