On Comic Book Collecting: Internationally Published Nerd

Whilst waiting for the cat (We have a very special friendship despite her not really being our cat (A complex story or another time (Perhaps))) to come back inside I decided to start reading my new comics (An activity I obviously enjoy a great deal), naturally going in alphabetical order (One does not simply read comics out of order (All Hell would break loose (This is not confirmed but I don’t want to find out))).

Whilst reading a rather enjoyable issue of All-new All-different Avengers (a series that has steadily grown on me) I flicked onto the letter page and beheld a sight I thought I would never see: a letter I wrote published in an actual Marvel Comic.


I shall not lie, I did jump up and down with a humongous amount of joy, coupled with cries of delight (I can’t convey how overexcited I became), over the unexpected turn of events. Noted, it could have been because the next issue begins the Civil War II tie-in and my second question was about just that so it worked well for them. In all honesty, I don’t care as I’m now published in a Marvel comic that is sold in many countries. That and I also like calling myself an internationally published nerd (A title I value a great deal).

Overall, one of the best moments of a brilliant summer (so far) and also one of the best comic book based moments of life (Coming very close to my surprise encounter with (my now close personal friend (Shhhhhh, he is my friend!)) Mark Ruffalo).

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