For the Love of Lego: Mighty Micros Robin VS Bane

When these little sets were announced I can’t say I was enthused to buy any of them (The reason for which escapes me). However, the beauty of sales and a very generous mother lead to me possessing two of them. One of these two, as you will have probably guessed, was the Robin VS Bane set. I can honestly say that it is a pretty dynamite little set (I’m not sorry (No, not even a little bit)).

The Builds:

Bane’s Drill Tank – The bigger of the two builds and rather aesthetically pleasing (If I learnt anything from my GCSE Resistant Material course it was some rather fancy words). The light green colour scheme is very effective and the drill bit is equally impressive. I find that the size matches the reputation of Bane and it works really well as a build overall.

Robin’s Car – The (obviously) smaller build of the two but no less impressive. The printed spoiler in particular means that I don’t have to apply a sticker (Though I have become better at placing them (Can’t think why…)) and it also looks more natural which I find preferential. The colours are perfect and the vehicle holds it own very well alongside Bane’s drill tank.

The Figures:

Robin – Adorable. His printed face in particular conveys a real child-like wonderment that I like to think Robin possesses (I’m not well versed in Batman lore but I think I’m right in saying Robin is a great deal younger than the Dark Knight (Please correct me if I’m wrong). Owning a Robin was a big thing for me as I already have a Batman (The Batman v Superman iteration for anyone who cares (Which is probably very few but I like to share these things) and the addition of a grappling hook had me very excited (More than I care to admit…).

Bane – Menacing enough for me to be able to size him up with longer legs and pass him off as a Batman villain (A department in which I’m lacking other than 2 Lexcorp henchmen (Not quite villain material, all things considered)). Of all the things I know about DC, major Batman villains is one of them. Bane is one whom I like a great deal because of his power set and origins. The stick of dynamite is also very well received.

Overall, a brilliant little set at a very good price. The builds and figures work very well together to produce a very adorable ensemble. I must also confess that it has made more appreciative of these sets and I already have my eye on two Marvel ones that have been announced for next year (I’m obsessed, I know, so no need to declare the obvious (Single life treats me well)). If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments.


In other news: Sorry for not posting in a while and for sort of copping out with a Lego review (I’m rather tired but desperately wanted to post something (I have gotten into this blogging malarkey quite a bit, I like to think)). I’ve got a bit of a back log on posts to write (Mostly comic oriented (Though that really shouldn’t be a surprise)) and not a great deal of time to write to them at the moment. I will try my best to squeeze in a post here and there but I shall make no promises. I’m probably going to binge post tomorrow in-between homework so you have been warned.

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