Let’s Get Physics-l: Introduction

To clarify, this is not a romantic advance (The Jedi Order forbids relationships (At least, that’s one way I chose to explain my singular romantic status (The list is longer than I care to discuss))). As I will be beginning my Physics A-level studies this upcoming Monday (The 5th of September 2016) I have decided that one way I can get to grips with the content is by “teaching” my small audience. At the end of the day, this is more for my benefit as a means of revision so if you chose not to read these posts feel no shame (That is, if you did indeed feel any guilt).

Alongside my A-level Physics curriculum topics I also hope to post about topics of personal interest (Mostly Space related and possibly some dissection on the Physics of the Thunderbirds(Though that might take a while as my knowledge is not yet at that sort of level)). These should hopefully be more interesting as, although I do rather like Physics as a whole, they will be about topics I have personal interest in.

Image result for thunderbirds
Squad Goals (I’m sorry…)


I intend to post regularly for this feature (Weekly, bi-weekly or (At a push) even tri-weekly), a way of keeping this blog alive over the inevitable busy months of study (And a heavily reduced amount of procrastination (The Thunderbirds won’t build themselves)), more reading of books (a week away has rekindled my need to read (Something I will find time for indefinitely along with my inevitable comic book reading)) and the occasional Lego build (Official and maybe even an original creation). If you have any requests, like practice equations (Which I might do anyway (Again, for my benefit so don’t feel forced to do them)), questions about upcoming topics or other stuff please leave them in the comments.

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