The Buy Pile: July 2016

(Warning: I think you get the idea)

Yes, I’m well aware it is the first weekend in September and I’m publishing a Buy Pile post for July. I’ve been rather busy (Superheroing is very time consuming) as of late and this post always takes up a good stretch of time (So I’ve been putting it off (Honesty’s the best policy (Or is it? (Yes, yes it is)))). As ever, top quality comic books this month (Though I say that almost (There are occasions where they aren’t crack-a-lackin’) every time (I’m a little biased, all things considered)) with some rather intense endings that I simply love waiting to see resolved (not). Lets get started.

All-new All-different Avengers #12

This issue shows how close the Avengers have become over the past couple of months. With Spider-Morales (Easier than writing out “Spider-man (Miles Morales/ Peter Parker)” every time (Though for some reason I’ve still managed to write it out anyway)) trapped in the Negative zone with Annihilus, the other Avengers are desperate to get him back. After each and every Avenger gives it a shot a combination of Iron Man’s suit and Mjolnir result in Spider-Morales being in the right dimension and Annihilus’ doom ray in tatters. With all the Avengers safe and sound and the shipwrecked alien crews free from the grip of Annihilus, the Vision requests the assistance of the alien crews in finding Nova’s father. Whilst this is all going on, the All-new Wasp and original Wasp bond over crime fighting. The issue ends on a high note with Nova, despite spending most of his time in space, marvelling at the beauty of the vast expanse of the universe (Which I found rather touching (I guess it is probably one of those read-it-to-understand situations)).

The final issue before Civil War II takes over showed just how close the Avengers have become over their time together. They have become a rather weird little family, caring deeply for each other to the point where they will cross over dimensions to save each other. So, honestly, I’m not going to enjoy Civil War II shoe-horning itself between a great team dynamic. At least I have some Ms Marvel fanfiction to enjoy in the annual (Exciting, I know (That isn’t sarcasm, I’m genuinely ecstatic)).

The Amazing Spider-man #15

Iron Man and Spider-Parker find themselves trapped by Regent. With no other heroes left to stop him, MJ suits up in the Iron Spider suit to try and save Stark and Parker (Despite Jarvis saying that she is likely to fail). Spider-Parker regains consciousness in time to distract Regent from MJ which results in the freeing of the trapped heroes and the fall of Regent. With all the heroes freed and the villains re-imprisoned elsewhere, Peter enjoys a little time with his friends and family. However, as is the way with most Spider-Parker plots (Parker Luck can be a real Meany-Linguini), nothing can ever be peaceful for the superheroes as John Jonah Jameson (Yes, yes he is (J. Jonah Jameson’s father)), Peter’s step-uncle, collapses to the floor looking rather worst for wear.

A rather climactic issue of Spider-Parker this month with not the only the fall of Regent but the literal fall of John Jameson leaving the issue on a shocking note (I really can’t be doing with all this uncertainty). MJ’s use of the Iron Spider suit was pretty great as it is one of my favourite spider-outfits  (After Spider-Parker’s current one). We will have to wait and see what has caused John to be in such a state in the future.

The Astonishing Ant-man #10

With Ant-man in the grips of Darren Cross (A real piece of work to say the least), Stinger (Cassie Lang) is fearing for her dad’s life. Ant-man’s crew of heroes and villains are celebrating success when she bursts in and pleads with them to help her get her father back. Few rise to the occasion (At the end of the day, most of them are still villains) but a couple go and help. The small ensemble, including Giant Man, Ms Thing and Grizzly (Which isn’t that bad a turn out, all thing considered), work towards freeing Scott. Stinger takes centre stage, confronting Darren Cross, and manages to free her dad. However, whilst all this was going on, Ms Thing’s production crew (She is currently filming a TV series) had cameras following their every move. So, upon their exit, Ant-man is arrested!

It took ten issues but the reason for Scott’s imprisonment is finally out! As ever, Nick Spencer has produced a wonderful issue of Ant-man and remains on a very high note with the series overall. Civil War II finally impacts on the title next issue so we shall have to wait and see how that goes.

Doctor Strange #10

The Last Days of Magic finally concludes with a intense and gripping issue. With crumbs of magic left, Doctor Strange faces the Empirikul one final time. Arrows, magician bones (Best not go into that one) and fists are all that he has left at his disposal and it almost isn’t enough. However, a combination of the loyalty of his friends and the creature formed of his pain, he blinds the Empirikul and chains him up in his cellar (Which is a bit sinister, I know, but when you consider how the Empirikul killed all magic it is the least he deserves (To clarify, I’m in no way a supporter of locking people up in your basements, just that the Empirikul was a particularly nasty person (I’m going to stop now before I say something I’ll regret))). In imprisoning the Empirikul the previous creature escapes, its destination unknown. After a hard day and the fall of the Empirikul the remaining magicians are faced with one serious question: Why is Magic still dead?

As ever, a crack-a-lackin’ issue of Doctor Strange that concluded the Last Days of Magic arc very well in my opinion. The sight of Doctor Strange giving it his all was fantastic and his commitment to protecting Magic (No matter how small) is honourable. Next issue: The Secret Origin of Doctor Strange!

Ms Marvel #9

This issue details the arrest of a friend of Kamala Khan, Josh Richardson. The arrest brings her commitment to Captain Marvel’s side of the argument into question as she begins to appreciate how unjust the system can be. With Josh imprisoned things get heated between Ms Marvel and the public as well as with her friends inside the prison (Visiting Josh, not imprisoned themselves). It turned out that the prison wasn’t entirely legal which left Ms Marvel to sort it all out. After a decidedly busy day, Kamala heads home feeling very tired until her brother informs her that Bruno called about getting Josh out. Storming across New Jersey as fast as she can, Ms Marvel makes it the warehouse but not before Bruno detonates a bomb and collapses in Ms Marvel’s arms.

A very tense issue which further shows the internal conflict that Ms Marvel is facing as a result of Civil War II. Her almost blind allegiance to Captain Marvel is being put under strain and with Bruno the way he I can only imagine that tough times face Ms Marvel both towards the Civil War and personally. The wait is, decidedly, going to drive me nuts.

As with June, I also bought issues 3 and 4 of Civil War II, issue 1 of the Justice League and some Totally Awesome Hulk issues arrived (Unexpectedly (A great surprise after a rather long week away, I can tell you)). I will eventually get round to reviewing Civil War II (I’m thinking 3 issues per post) and Totally Awesome Hulk (Which really does deserve some praise). The Justice League, for now, will be reviewed (Eventually) separately until it is/ is not fully cemented in my regular buy pile. If you have any thought or questions please leave them in the comments.

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