Timely Comics: Squadron Supreme

In all honesty, I can’t quite remember how I heard about this series (It may have possibly been an advert in one of the comics I already collected but, again, I can’t be sure). Regardless, whilst weighing out several different Avengers titles (I had recently been gripped with the desire to collect an Avengers title) Squadron Supreme came very close to being my chosen option, coming a close second to the All-new All-different Avengers title (My dad ultimately swayed my decision by suggesting I go with the title that had a more classic ensemble).

Formed of the greatest surviving heroes from worlds destroyed in the incursion event last summer, the Squadron Supreme will stop at nothing to protect the Earth they now call home. Their first mission, personal to Doctor Spectrum, was thus: kill Namor The Submariner. Accusing him of the destruction of Dr Spectrum’s planet, the Squadron Supreme (including the likes of Hyperion, Nighthawk and Blur) faced up against the mighty Namor. After a difficult battle, Namor is brutally beheaded by Hyperion’s heat vision leaving the Squadron victorious. Their actions receive mixed reviews. Some praise their work, stating that they are the team that Earth needs to protect it against the ever-growing number of threats posed to it. Others argued that they were simply too ruthless, including other Avengers teams. A battle begins between the Avengers teams and the Squadron but it is cut short when Thundra, in desperate need of the Squadron Supreme’s skill set, teleports the team away to Weirdworld which is facing invasion.

As with Iron Man, this comic was gripping and exciting, differing from my usual reading with its darker tone. However, unlike Daredevil, I had anticipated this darker tone from a team who presented themselves from the very beginning as ruthless. I’m not overly familiar with the members other than Hyperion (with Nighthawk and Doctor Spectrum just scraping into my radar) which made the title all the more exciting. The conflicting opinions of fellow heroes and civilians were very interesting and I personally sided with their ruthlessness being a little too much.

Overall, an engaging 3 issues which piqued my interest enough for me to imagine that is a rather good series (Though I won’t be collecting it as back issue hunting is troublesome to say the least). If you have any thoughts or questions on the first 3 issues don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.

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