Timely Comics: Web Warriors

The last of the 4 Timely Comics I purchased and one that sparked my interest due to my love of Spider-man. Noted, my knowledge of Spider-Characters outside of Spider-Parker, Spider-Morales and a smidgen of Spider-Gwen (I own precisely one issue of her comic (From the previous volume, I do believe)) is minute for there are thousands of Spider-Characters and I can’t begin to comprehend them all. This particular cohort of Spider-Characters includes: Spider-UK, Spider-Ham, Spider-India, Spider-man Noir, Spider-Gwen and Spider-Girl. The concept of a team solely based on Spider-Characters sounded very exciting so I decided to give it a go through this Timely comic.

The first 3 issues follows the team around the multiverse, intervening in crimes that world’s Spider-man would and could have stopped had they not been killed (A rather long story that I confess to knowing very little about). Their means of travelling between these universes is through a huge web which is holding everything together (Whether or not this is canon with the rest of the MU is irrelevant, I rather like the concept). However, after Ye Olde (Not strictly accurate but I find it amusing) Electro manages to break into the Web where he unites other Electros from across the multiverse to assemble an army (Shocking, I know (Watt? Did you expect me to not make any electricity puns?)). The following issues see Spider-Gwen captured by the Electro Ensemble whilst her team mates try and find her and juggle taking out Electros left, right and centre.

All in all, a rather good introductory 3 issues with plenty of drama, action and excitement to please fans. The multitude of Spider-Characters is, as mentioned several times, brilliant and I enjoyed this aspect in particular. The idea of an army of Electros is equally effective as he is notorious solo villain let alone a whole army of him. However, I don’t feel a desperate need to see where the story has gone as I did, to some extent, with Iron Man. Regardless, this was enjoyable to read.

Overall, great concept but it doesn’t really enthral me enough to collect the series (catching up to the current issue would be a nightmare anyway). I think I’ll just stick to Spider-Parker and Spider-Morales for the sake of not wanting to get confused. If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments.

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