For The Love of Lego: Might Micros Hulk VS Ultron

The second of two Mighty Micros sets I obtained a while ago and an equally cool addition to my growing collection (It is rather impressive, if I do say so myself (Though some would argue that it shouldn’t be quite as big as it is)) as the first was. The inclusion of a micro Hulk and Ultron is brilliant and possibly the most exciting aspect: a chicken drumstick (I will let you make your own judgement on that particular nugget of information…). Let’s get started.

The Builds:

Ultron’s Robotic Bull (I see what I see, you’re welcome to name it what you like) – As with Bane, a large and menacing figure that feels appropriate for the character. The Tentacles are pretty snazzy and give a rather robotic, destructive feel to the build. The silver and grey colour scheme are apt and used here to produce a rather effective little vehicle here.

Hulk’s Car (I’m not great with the hero vehicles it would seem) – A great build which emulates Hulk well in my opinion. The fists alone give it a very strong Hulk feel as, surprise surprise, they are his Bigfig fists. The colour scheme is perfect and creates a very cool little car as a result.

The Figures:

Hulk – How I imagine most toddlers would look with the Hulk’s powers during a tantrum. His printing is just right for this scale and I reckon I could just about transfer him to a minifigure if I so wished (Perhaps a Hulk transformation for one of my fabled animations (I’m actually running through a possible opening scene (Though, noted, it is purely a mental run through) but lack both the figures and patience at the moment (We shall see…))). My favourite part has to be the chicken drumstick, as mentioned, as I don’t have a great deal of Lego food so it is always gratefully received when I do get some. The hair piece is also very useful, particularly for a helmetless Ant-man. Overall, a great iteration of Hulk.

Ultron – His head print is simply fantastic in the way that it effectively takes the comic look and captures it almost perfectly to the point where I can happily combine him with a minifigure Ultron’s body to create a classic Ultron. The body printing is less impressive but I guess the printing on the head makes up for this personally. As with Hulk, a snazzy little iteration of Ultron with a fantastic head print.

Overall, another great Mighty Micros set. I do have to confess to preferring the Bane VS Robin builds purely because A) The builds are slightly better B) The accessories are better C) The figures are brand new for me (That was a longer list than I anticipated…). I have a couple more Lego sets to review (I’ve been through a bit of lucky streak at getting sets (Mostly because of my loving parents no longer caring that much (I just get a sigh of mild disapproval which I can bear))). As always, if you have thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments.



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