Gotta Get Back In Time: Introduction

Unfortunately, I don’t own a time machine (First rule about Time Machine Club: Don’t confess to owning a time machine (Oops). Second rule about Time Machine Club: Don’t talk about Time  Machine Club (Oops (I do sometimes wonder what goes on to lead to all this, too put it frankly, waffle)).) so we won’t literally be going back in time.

Welcome to an originally dismissed but now resurrected feature I hope to start as soon as I get my act together. For the perceptive amongst you (Which is everyone, really), this feature will be based around my History studies primarily with possible tangents onto the stuff I’m really interested in. As with physics (Which you will  now see has come back to life somewhat), I hope to “teach” you and in doing so teach myself the content I need to for my exams and a little extra. As this particular A-level requires a lot more research than, I admit, I’m doing I figured this would give me the “Oomph” to actually get the wheels in motion so I can hit 88mph and breeze through my exam (If you have yet to get the rather glaring references to a rather brilliant trilogy (In my opinion) then please right your wrongs and watch Back to the Future 1,2 and 3 as soon as possible).

The topics I will be covering definitely (Assuming this happens) are America 1803-1890 and Britain 1930-1997.Note: this is not the exhausted list (I haven’t started all the topics I will be assessed on yet). I will avoid using analogies/examples for this as A) some of them are just plain weird and B) the subject doesn’t really call for it. Other topics I hope to cover include the Vikings, Romans and Ancient Greeks as these are topics that I either haven’t covered in a while or have not covered full stop and have a great interest in.

I’m not going to make a committing statement saying I’ll post xyz number of times every week as I then feel angry with myself if I don’t and this isn’t healthy (You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry (You may not like me now but please don’t tell me (Ignorance, I assure you, is bliss (On this occasion (Goodness, I like my brackets))))). If you have any requests for topics, questions or thoughts please, as ever, leave them in the comments.

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