For The Love of Lego: Tanker Truck Takedown

The fourth and final Civil War tie-in Lego set which is arguably my favourite set out of the four simply because of the figures. Ending the Civil War sets in style, this set gives customers the last few members of each side as well as 3 builds (Though the bike is questionable) that can be incorporated in with the larger airport set. Let’s get started:

The Builds:

The Tanker Truck – An impressive, large build that is scaled well to the minifigures. Better yet, it’s a Roxxon Truck which is a wonderful tie-in to the comics which are always gratefully received. The bright yellow colour is great in comparison to the darker colour schemes used in the other Civil War set. The exploding action feature in which the back pops off and flames emerge from the interior is rather brilliant as well, especially for dioramas. A fantastic build to say the least.

The Air Sock – A great addition to have alongside the airport tower which is proportioned and coloured perfectly. The orange sock is wonderful as I don’t have many orange pieces so it is always nice to get some. The action feature is a little bit of a challenge to deal with as it is very sensitive to movements (If you flick the sock the two Roxxon barrels go flying). A great little accompanying build for the overall line of sets.

Hawkeye’s Dirt Bike – Very little to be said here other than the wonderful colour it comes in and the Avengers sticker that, despite being a nightmare (I lie, I put it on with relative ease but I have had a little too much practice) to add on, is rather snazzy. Another addition to my growing bike collection which is always great.

The Minifigures (Where to begin (Ordering  by favourite here isn’t going to work, perhaps alphabetically)):

Captain America – This figure is identical to the one seen in the airport battle. It’s nice to own two (If a touch excessive) but another figure, perhaps, would have been cool too. I know for fact that some are struggling to find an Ant-man minifigure at a low price (I got one when the movie came out and when it was far cheaper (£40 appears to be the common price for the £20 set he came in)) and his new costume means that including him in this set could have been a nice idea. Regardless, cool to have another Captain America (If slightly unnecessary).

Hawkeye – Wow. The printing on this figure is so out-of-this-world cool in it’s general accuracy to the comics I was filled with childish glee when I constructed him. The torso print is fantastic and even though he shares the same head print as Steve Rogers he is still a fantabulous figure. Blown away.

Spider-man – Wow, Wow and Wow. Hands down my favourite figure in the whole set simply because he is super, super detailed, has duel mould legs and a mask that is simply brilliant. I honestly cannot find a fault with this figure, simply superb

Vision – Wow and Wow. My joint second favourite figure alongside Hawkeye simply because A) he is completely new to my collection and B) I really like the Vision so it is great to have him in my collection. His printing is brilliant and the colours are so perfect I can’t truly convey my love for this figure. Blown away completely.

Overall, a superb set with some of my favourite figures of all time. It makes for a great addition to my diorama (See below for a slightly poor quality photo of said diorama), adding some much needed brightening up in the build departments. If you have any thoughts or questions then please leave them in the comments.

Even Stan Lee made a cameo (Ask if you can’t see)




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