For The Love of Lego: Spider-man: Ghost Rider team-up

The smallest of the 3 Spider-man sets released (Excluding the Mighty Micros one) this year and one which contains perhaps one of my favourite vehicles to date, definitely ranking number one for land vehicle. Consisting of 3 figures and 3 fantastic builds this set is pretty brilliant. Let’s get started.

The Builds:

Ghost Rider’s Bike – Utterly amazed at the overall look of this build. The layered effect on the sides of the bike is fantastic and the front body of the bike is ingenious in the way it fits  together. The amount of fire included on this bike really reflects Ghost Rider well and the angling of said fire is rather fun to play around with. The size of the bike here is not an issue as the bike is often portrayed as being of a fairly large size. As previously mentioned, this is possibly my favourite land vehicle produced for the Marvel Superheroes line to date.

Hobgoblin’s glider – Far less complex than the bike but pretty nifty in its own right. The purple coloured pieces are effective in composing the majority of the glider which, for the scale it has to be, is a rather well-sized build. The inclusion of flick missiles as opposed to stud shooters is surprising and great in its own way. 

2nd Avenue-Bleeker Street street corner – An absolutely brilliant little side build that is more detailed than it had to be and fantastic because of it. First of all, as a big Doctor Strange fan, the inclusion of a Bleeker street sign is fantabulous (Doctor Strange lives on Bleeker Street). The traffic light and newspaper dispensers are also great in what they achieve for so few pieces. The newspapers are fab too. The dustbin is great just because I don’t have one and it also came with some rubbish. Super cool side build, to say the least.

The Figures:

Ghost Rider – A wonderful figure which is perfectly printed. His head piece is one whole piece which I quite like but I imagine not everyone is thrilled. His fiery chain is also great as I can use that for custom figures (E.G Hellfire from Agents of Shield (Coulson is due to be minigifurised next year so it might be nice to have a villain for him to face (More exciting still is the rumour that Ms Marvel may also be minifigurised next year! I’ll stop there before my fanboy takes over ( Well, more than usual, anyway)))). He envisions the spirit of vengeance well and just looks awesome overall.

Hobgoblin – A touch cartoony with the face print but still impressive. The orange and blue colour scheme are effective here and the printing is great. His pumpkin bomb is okay, a little less accurate than the one seen in the bridge battle set which Green Goblin wields, but I feel this pumpkin bomb is more useable else where, perhaps for a Jack-o-lantern custom.

Spider-man – This is the classic Spider-man used since the very start of the Marvel superheroes line. I quite like the figure as it is but I do think it is perhaps time to redesign his look which has been done with the Tanker Truck Takedwon set but could also been done with a more comic book based design. Regardless of this, it is still a pretty snazzy figure.

A set that I intially had no real intention of buying but is now one of my favourite smaller sets to date, especially Ghost Rider and his bike. If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments.

4 thoughts on “For The Love of Lego: Spider-man: Ghost Rider team-up

    1. I do have a backlog of Lego sets to review, in all fairness, so I may post some in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try and include more pictures.


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