Let’s Get Physics-l: Constant Acceleration Equations

Constant Acceleration or SUVAT equations are a crucial part of kinematics and can be very helpful in finding unknown values.

All SUVAT equations include 4 out of 5 variables:

  • S – Displacement (m)
  • U – Initial Velocity (ms^-1)
  • V – Final velocity (ms^-1)
  • A – Acceleration (ms^-2)
  • T – Time (s)

In terms of SUVAT equations, there are 5:

  • v = u + at
    • S is missing
  • s = ½ (u + v) t
    • A is missing
  • v^2 = u^2 +2 as
    • T is missing
  • s = ut + ½ at^2
    • V is missing
  • s = vt – ½ at^2
    • U is missing

These do come across as a bit weird at first but, I assure you, after practice (Lots and lots of practice) you’ll end up dreaming about SUVAT equations (Whether that’s a nightmare or not is up to you. Personally, I rather like using them (And no, I’m not crazy)). You could think of it as a superhero tag team (You’re probably getting of super heroes, sorry), each variable being a member, where only 4 are needed for one occasion. As long as you have 3 known variables, you can calculate a fourth and a consequent fifth. Rather helpful, all things considered.

That concludes this rather short but key post about SUVAT equations which I hope, as ever, was helpful. If you have any thoughts, feedback, suggestions or questions please leave them in the comments.

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