Edinburgh: Day 2

Most of our day was spent up at perhaps the most noticeable building in Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle. As it sits on top of an extinct volcano, it was a bit of trek to get there but the views were exceptional. We started our visit to the castle with a visit to the National War Museum which was full to brim with uniforms and swords. As a bit of sword fan, it was awesome to see (Though I did find myself constantly reflecting on just how vicious humanity could be to each other, as you do) quite so many old swords in almost perfect condition.

We carried onto to the location of the Scottish Crown Jewels. To get to them you had to pass through a labrinyth of corridors which had several, quite frankly, terrifying models of people which, when combined with the claustrophobic surroundings, wasn’t the nicest place to be. The jewels are not quite as grand as the ones you can see at the Tower of London but the Stone of Destiny was rather amusing to see alongside the fancy metal items (You can also see the crack where it broke in 1950, worth trying to find for personal amusement if nothing else).

Our next stop was the War memorial which, truth be told, I confused for a slightly greener patch of grass (My confusion stemming from the lack of, well, presence). The war memorial was in fact the huge building behind the patch of grass which, in hindsight, made more sense. Inside they had numerous books with the names of those who had given their lives in war. Most definitely provided serious food for thought. After seeing the memorial we took a quick stop to watch the one o’clock gun get fired which gained a rather jumpy audience when it went off, myself included.

We then went inside the Great Hall that had loads, and I mean loads, of swords, armour and pikes. There is something rather fascinating about weapons of years gone by (I’ll let you decide what that suggest about me as a person). At one end of the room was a mock execution scene where a guy was hanging out on the gallows. An interesting decoration, not quite sure about it myself.

Our last stop in the castle were the prisons. The POW prison looked rather like the crew quarters of an old ship, lots of hammocks, poor lighting and a sense of shared struggle. To be fair, for a prison, it seemed relatively pleasant in comparison to other prisons of a similar time (Not that I’m an expert on prisons). The military prison struck me as being something similar to that of prisons seen today (I make it sound like I’ve been to prison which I haven’t (I’m just good at not getting caught (Only joking, I’m not that skilled))).

After a stop for lunch, we went inside the St Giles Church which we had heard about the day before on our walking tour. Our mission: locate the stool and bagpipe-playing Angel. We discovered the latter first with the help of a member of staff and it turned out that were 3 angels which was rather cool. The stool was far easier to find and I must admit that if several of those stools had been thrown at me I too would have run away.  I finished the day with a trip to Forbidden Planet where I brought more comics than I actually needed but I don’t really care.

All in all, a great day with a proper castle and odd statues. If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments. Thank you.

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