1 Year

Here we are, a year on from when I made my first post. What started off as a suggestion from a great friend has, by nothing short of a small miracle, remained standing and that is, in fair volumes, down to your support. I bestow a universe-sized heap of gratitude on you all.

If I’m honest, this site could have nose dived quite quickly as a result of a possible lack of motivation or personal concerns putting me off. However, the undeniable support from you all has made this, something I can claim as my very own, ever so enjoyable. The interactions I have had with several of you has been nothing short of solid gold. You’ve put up with more than your fair share of comic book nonsense, questionable physics examples and general waffle that confuses even me on occasion.

In reflection, it has been a fantastic year. I’m humbled by the number of people who have taken to time to look at my blog and, better yet, follow it. It gives me a sense of self-confidence that, at times, is sorely needed. Apologies if I sound a touch emotional, for I am getting just a little bit emotional…

The real question now is, where next? I will most definitely carry on with my comic book trend because that is something I enjoy writing about and I hope that is reflected in your own, hopeful, enjoyment of the numerous posts I have and will produce on comic books. My proposed history feature hasn’t died (yet) and I might actually find the motivation to commit to it. I may even try my hand at some writing (Though that is less likely to happen, but it’s within the realm of possibility so who knows).

Here’s to next 365 days.

If you have any questions or thoughts please leave them in the comments. Thank you.


7 thoughts on “1 Year

  1. Yay!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Wow – a year. I’m so happy I’ve found your site. As I’ve mentioned before, as someone with a teaching cert in history who enjoys general science reading and comic books (and knows practically nothing about the former and lots about the latter), I really enjoy your posts. It’s like this was made for me. Your posts, your writing, and your friendship are all wonderful things I’ve found since I began my blogging journey. Here’s to the next year indeed! Happy Blog Birthday!!!

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