Gotta Get Back In Time: Let’s start at the very beginning

Before we begin our quest into the back channels of time, I have decided that we, members of Time Travel Club, first must go back to the single most important event in our history: The birth of the little planet we call home. Prep your time machine, pack some jam sandwiches (Filling non-negotiable (Except for those who suffer allergic reactions to jam, the filling is definitely negotiable) and let’s go back, back in time!

Now, if I were to give an exact account of the formation of the planet, we would be here for a very long time because A) The theories behind this topic are extensive and B) I’m attempting to summarise a topic best suited to one or even several lengthy tomes (I’m beginning to think this was a bad idea…). Anyhow, down to business. The formation of the Earth is a tricky topic to talk about mostly because we don’t actually know what happened as we have no sources from the time (Not that should be a huge suprise, really). For the sake of keeping this concise, I will be exploring the scientific theory and religious theory.

From a scientific perspective, it is believed that the collision of two rather large gas and dust clouds triggered an event that has lead to me being able to sit in my pyjamas and attempt to educate you about the very event that lead to me- I fear this may go round in circles so I shall stop now. From this collision, gravity pulled the gas and dust inwards to form a large asteroid, a sight taking place all over the galaxy, the entire universe in fact. From this asteroid our planet began to form, compounds in the gas helping along the way. This process took several billions years (Scientists estimate about 4.54) with life beginning to form between 3.2 and 2.4 billion years as a result of photosynthesis.

From a religious perspective, it is believed that the creation of our planet was a result of the omnipotence of a divine being, who also created life. The conditions in which the Earth resides, a Goldilocks zone, does beg the question: how much of a coincidence is our planet formation? I’ll let you decide.

Wherever you stand on the theory of how our planet came to be, what it lead to on to, I’m sure we can all agree, was very important. Up to this point, it is believed that we are one of the more intelligent living species in the entire universe but, as our technology does limit inter-universal communcations a fair bit (Though it is improving a great deal), this is not a definite. What follows the first signs of human life 2 million years ago is a rich, complex history of, at this point, a rather important species on a rather important little blue planet that we are graced to call home.

I’m thinking of changing this feature to Time Travel Club, opinions?

I hope this was in some way informative. Apologies for keeping it rather brief, I intend to be a little more in depth with both my course content stuff and topics of personal interest. This was really just a quick appreciation post on what I believe is the most important event in our history. Please, please, please give any suggestions on future topics you’d like me to cover (Preferably not the Victorian era, though, I’m not super fond), what you would like to see in these posts and anything else you can think of that might be constructive. In addition, if you have any questions or feedback please leave them in the comments and I will be happy to provide any help I can. Thank you.


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