Review: Batman #1

If you cast your minds back to an old post I wrote concerning the broadening of my horizons you may remember that this was one title I considered picking up in the early weeks of the launch of DC Rebirth. Batman, in my opinion, is one of DC’s most, if not the most, iconic character and I felt like seeing what all the fuss was actually about. However, as you all know, my final decision rested on the Justice League as it provided more scope on the universe as a whole for a DC beginner such as myself.  Nevertheless, I’m now in the position of owning a copy of the first issue absolutely free as a part of last years Batman Day promotion (Which came about with a fair helping of luck: my local comic book shop had some copies left over which I stumbled upon whilst browsing through their back issues). I will now provide a brief summary.

All seems well in Gotham. Commissioner Gordon and Batman are discussing the recent robbery of 3 surface to air missiles. Suddenly, one of these missiles rockets up into the sky above them and strikes a plane, sending it plummeting towards the city. Batman is quick to respond, pursuing the plane in the Batmobile. With the help of Duke Thomas, his apprentice of sorts, Batman is able to eject from the Batmobile, currently soaring off a bridge into a river, and land on the plane.  Things aren’t too peachy inside the plane with a passenger freaking out and ranting about if was any other city Superman or a Lantern would save them. However, the only one they’ve got is the hero they deserve. Batman secures some boosters on the underside of the wings, turning one commercial plane into the new Batwing. Unfortunately, to ensure the plane hits the water at the correct angle, Batman must remain on the plane, ultimately sacrificing himself. As all seems lost for the caped crusader the plane suddenly lifts off the water, stabilised without the loss of Batman. However, Superman is not his saviour. No no no. Gotham has two new heroes to defend it: Gotham and Gotham Girl!

I don’t know where I stand on this issue. the whole idea of Batman dying to save the people felt a little cliché (In case anyone was confused, I’m not opposed to him wanting to save the people, at whatever cost, I just find the idea of it a little overdone). To clarify, I have always considered Bruce Wayne as the sort of guy who would have abut 10 tricks up his sleeve for any situation, especially one like a plane crash (Something I believe is probably a bit of common occurrence in his line of work). I’m not overly sure about what has happened prior to this issue in terms of what equipment he would have at his disposal but I imagine he could have probably remotely-operated the thrusters if he had engineered himself or been able to activate some sort of function on his suit to help save himself.

This aside, the introduction of new friendly competition in the form of Gotham and Gotham Girl really intrigued me (Partly because I failed to see why they took quite so long to save the plane (Sorry for what seems like a fair bit of complaining, I just have a couple of issues with this issue)). Who are they? Where did they come from? What can they do? Do they have ulterior motives? So many questions!

Another new character (To me) is Duke Thomas. I’m not entirely sure what his role is (A new Robin?) but I’m curious about how A) he became involved with Batman and B) Who he is. In terms of raising questions, this issue hits it out of the park for sure.

I must admit that I am glad that I decided against picking up this title. I do feel a little disappointed at the lack of techno-wizardry which I thought would have been a given. Heck, I was under the impression the supposedly great Batman could have probably saved the plane and then located the source of the missile to gather clues.

I must admit, the questions raised to leave me wanting a little more information  but I can’t say I feel that enthused to catch up with this title particularly. If you are a fan of Batman, this might be worth a nosey but I can’t say I feel encouraged to carry on with it. If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments. Thank you.

(The image used is property of the artist and DC comics. I, in no way, claim ownership of it)



One thought on “Review: Batman #1

  1. I’m with you. I know I’m SUPPOSED to like Batman but, try as I might, I just can’t get into him. For any number of reasons, he just misses the mark for me. I tried both ‘Batman’ and ‘Detective Comics’ when Rebirth happened, and ended up liking the latter more, as it focused on the large cast of characters around Batman. But I didn’t read either for too long. Ol’ Bats, blasphemy though it may be, just doesn’t do it for me. All I see is an emotionally stunted, one-note character, with lots of gadgets (and even more anger issues), who has a weird thing for recruiting child soldiers. I know I’m in the minority here but, c’este la vie. Thanks for making me feel less alone in my lack of Batman enthusiasm!

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