A Return to Normality (Sort of…)

(I don’t lay claim to the image used, it is property of Marvel Comics and the artist who produced it. It summed up how I feel at the moment rather well.)

As of today, my summer exams are over. It was far less intense than last year but I’m definitely glad to have them all behind me now (Though they were actually kind of fun). That is mostly because I can now get back to blogging frequently without the shadow of exams hanging over me.

Anyway, enough about exams. My summer holiday is nowhere near as long as last year but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep myself busy over the coming weeks and into my break. In between exams, I’ve had time to ponder where I want this site to go and I’m looking to expand on the educational side of things. That’s not to say I won’t post as much about comic books, no siree. I just intend to post a bit more about my other interests. As it stands, my plans for this summer:

Comic Books

  • Secret Empire – As you are probably aware, I’ve been well and truly taken with the recent Marvel blockbuster event, Secret Empire. Unlike Civil War II last year, I intend to cover it a bit better by releasing a post dedicated to what’s happened the past month, each month, in relation to Secret Empire. This will include: The Main event book, tie-in issues, additional Secret Empire material and news that has particularly piqued my interest. I will also review anything not tied to Secret Empire in either one Buy Pile post or individual reviews, the number of unrelated issues determining that.
  • Graphic Novels – Though I do enjoy comic books, I do have a few graphic novels that really do deserve a discussion. This includes several Hawkeye ones, Black Panther and I may even take a look at Stan Lee’s biographical graphic novel.
  • General Reviews – I have accumulated a couple of extra comic books here and there (Because I’m rather weak when it comes to comic books). I really do want to talk about the recent (ish) Midnighter and Apollo limited series because, honestly, it blew my socks off.
  • On Comic book collecting – I’m on the verge of hitting a fairly hefty milestone in my comic book collection so I intend to look back at my time as a collector in the near future. Towards the end of the summer, I intend to have a look at my favourite comic book covers to date because I don’t feel like I give them enough love.


  • Let’s Get Physics-l – I hope to finish the Modules 3 and 4 of my A-level content before I start back in September. If I do manage to complete it, I may very well move on to Module 5 and 6 as well.
  • A New Project – I’m going to keep this fairly hush hush for now, mostly because I don’t want to let anyone down if I end up giving up. I’ve been reading an absolutely stellar book recently that has inspired to me to research further. All I will say is that it is going to cover something out of this world.


  • Gotta Get Back In Time – I will continue with this feature as I’m finding it rather enjoyable. In terms of what I will be covering, I recently started the Ireland section of our course so I may look into that in the near future. Britain and the USA will stay on as topics as I cover but my free-style one may also cover the Cold War alongside Ancient Greece. (A topic I will be looking into a fair bit over the coming months).
  • Time Machine Reveal – I do actually have a design constructed which is okay. I may tweak it a bit but I hope to reveal it soon.

Other Stuff

  • Creative Writing – This is probably going to be the one I don’t pursue as heavily but who knows. I do have two possible ideas to explore but whether or not I do remains a mystery to me.
  • Site Changes – This doesn’t really matter so much for you but I’m planning on tidying up the site a little bit, cutting back the categories sitting at the top of my list of things to do (They feel a little cluttered, in my opinion).
  • Expansion – I might put together a Facebook page to accompany this site but I’m not sure if I will yet.


Basically, I have a fair bit planned. I can’t promise that it will all get covered because I’m not 100% how much work I will have to do over the summer yet. Regardless, I fully intend to start blogging proper as of tomorrow (I will be releasing the first instalment of my Secret Empire coverage). Thanks for sticking with me during this extended silence, I endeavour to be more active.

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