Review: X-men Blue #1

Would you like to get in on some of the ResurreXion goodness? Marvel have made 7 of the first issues available for free digitally! All you have to do is go to and enter the code ‘ICEMAN’. You do need an account but that is free to set-up and it is worth installing the Marvel Comic app as well, it makes for a smoother reading experience. Make it quick as it ends today!

As I was sitting down to write this I realised I don’t really talk about the X-men at all. It’s not because I don’t like them, far from it. It’s just that I sort of read them in delay. I collect Essential X-men, a UK magazine that reprints US comics a year behind, which gives readers 3-4 issues for the amazing price of £3.99 (or around $5.00).

Anyway, the issue in the hand. Whenever I read the first issues of new X-men titles I’m always blown away at how good they are. Honestly, I have yet to be let down by an X-men #1s. X-men Blue is no different. Before I start wittering on, a brief summary:

  • The Team are on route to a hijacked boat in need of rescuing. Upon arrival, they quickly locate Black Tom Cassidy, the ‘pirate’ responsible for the problem. After a brief scuffle, the X-men overpower him. However, Cassidy isn’t the biggest threat.
  • Juggernaut bursts through the walls, a little confused by the age of the X-men. He sees Cyclops and charges, angered and hurt over his part in his brother’s death. The battle is harder but Beast is able to send him to Siberia (via Hell) with magic.
  • After a heated argument over the handling of the situation, the team return to their base in Madripoor. Waiting for them when they return: Magneto, their oldest enemy turned mentor?!
  • Meanwhile – Somewhere cold, a town sets off into the woods to hunt a strange beast. They come across a strange man but the sudden appearance of Wendigo is more concerning. The man attacks Wendigo but when the Sherriff returns to the scene they have both disappeared…

First off, I’m loving the new costumes. They have a wonderful modern-classic look to them that I simply adore. They have great colour schemes and brilliant details that set them apart from each other. I’m not overly fond of Beast’s red cross but other than that the costumes are fab. Same goes for our main villains, Cassidy and Juggernaut. Though Cassidy’s does remind me of Batman Beyond somewhat, it is still an awesome look. Juggernaut looks far more menacing with a grey-burgundy armour look than his more classic appearance. Credit to Molina, Buffagni and Milla for their X-ecution (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) of those.

Bunn has hit the ground running with his take on the young X-men. I’m just about managing to get over the whole time-travel nonsense that brought them forward and his writing reminds that, despite my grievance with the whole time-travel thing, I am very fond of these characters. They have a great family dynamic, even if they like to argue a lot, and it really shows in their fight scenes.

Jean Grey as leader makes a great change from Scott. I do like Scott, he is one of my favourite mutants, but Jean is proving to an X-traoridinary (I lied, I’m not sorry (Though I am sorry for lying)) leader form the offset . Beast’s magical capabilities are something I’m familiar with but I have yet to catch up with how he came to have them. I’ll be interested to see how his powers grow in the coming issues.

Having Magneto as their mentor doesn’t really suprise me that much. He’s been an X-man for a while now and I personally like having him gun for the good guys. That being said, there is an element of his old self poking through with his desire to “bring in” all mutants causing a problem. That aspect could unravel to reveal some interesting stories later on.

The ending pages were something I was familiar with as a result of the sheer mass of media coverage on ResurreXion (It was a pretty big deal, the X-men seemingly get a little slated by Marvel before hand). It does somewhat ruin the impact of seeing him pop his claws but it does suggest that the X-men have some interesting stuff lined up for them. Wendigo guest starring was also much appreciated.

I have already talked about the art but that was only for costumes. The artists and colour artists have done a superb job and their style is one I would welcome in more books. It has a fantastic level of detail whilst retaining that comic book vibe that never fails to please.

  • Story – 10/10
  • Art – 10/10
  • Overall – 10/10 (I honestly can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this issue, absolutely brilliant)

All-in-all, a high benchmark going forward with the other 6 #1s I have the pleasure of getting to read. It’s a shame I won’t get to see where this goes for a while yet but I’m happy to wait if the writing maintains this level of consistency. If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments.



5 thoughts on “Review: X-men Blue #1

  1. When they were launching ‘X-Men Gold’ and ‘X-Men Blue’ I knew I only had the budget to start reading one of them and, as you saw in my post, I picked ‘X-Men Gold.’ While it’s a perfectly fun book, it wasn’t what I was looking for. Initially I avoided this because (as you allude to above) I wasn’t wild about the time travel set piece for the team. However, I shouldn’t have judged so hastily! Based on this review (and the fact that we tend to have similar tastes in a lot of comic matters 🙂 ) I think I might have to give ‘X-Men Blue’ a shot. Also, I adore Cullen Bunn’s writing so that’s great too. Thanks for shining a light on this one for me!

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  2. Great Review.
    Glad you are enjoying this incarnation of X-Men.
    Also cool you get Essential X-men collections.
    When I was at Uni in London there was always a 1
    week lag in getting the new books, but It was always
    fun to go to Charring Cross Road to buy my X-Fix.

    These time displaced X-Men got a glimpse into their
    futures, so pretty much everyone has had to internalize
    that trauma, mainly deciding NOT to make the decisions
    their older selves have, very ghosts of Christmas future.

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    1. Essential X-men is a title I treasure greatly. It is a more affordable way of getting a wider scope of the X-men Universe. I don’t really mind the delay but ResurreXion has made me rather excited for what is on the horizon.

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