Review: X-men Gold #1

I’ve decided to take my time with the ResurreXion #1s that I have the pleasure of owning. It makes reading them a little more enjoyable. I’m also slowly losing momentum with the school year close to finishing. I haven’t fallen yet but I’m not far off…

The second of the three ‘X-men’ titles that are a part of ResurreXion (And the final ‘X-men’ title I’ll be looking at) follows the more grown up heroes. It has big shoes to fill considering how pleased I was with X-men Blue so let’s see if it holds up to their standard:

  • The X-men are trying to take down Terrax, a villain who draws strength from the ground. After managing to get him off the ground, they quickly deal with the fallout, Kitty in particular stepping up to phase an entire falling skyscraper.
  • Despite all the good they did, people are still wary of the X-men. Their war with the Inhumans has presented a very different light on the already feared mutants and the public are showing no signs of forgetting.
  • Back the X-Mansion, now located in Central Park, the team are unwinding with a game of baseball. However, the relaxed atmosphere is ruined by the arrival of a city representative who hands Kitty the bill for their land. It’s definitely not cheap.
  • The Team are called out to a situation at the UN building. They take the Blackbird and come across something rather worrying: the All-new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!

I suppose from the offset this issue was always going to have an air of, well, something. For those unaware, there was an awful lot of controversy surrounding this issue following the discovery of hidden messages in the artwork that supported religious intolerance. I’m no expert on the matter so I won’t go into it too much about it but it got a fair bit of media coverage if you want to find out more.

That aside, this was another solid issue in the ResurreXion line. Guggenheim does a splendid job blending classic X-men action with the discrimination that has overshadowed the X-men from the very beginning. Seeing them simply helping people was a welcome sight after seeing so many hero vs hero plotlines (Before anyone claims I’m a hypocrite by pointing out the whole Captain America VS everyone stuff, Secret Empire has united heroes more than divided). The balance is reached well here and the speeches are inspirational, not that I expected anything less of Kitty Pryde (An X-man I’m beginning to realise has climbed up my personal rankings astronomically. She is so great).

Kitty Pryde taking the helm as leader is most definitely a welcome sight (I am absolutely loving her leadership of the Guardians of the Galaxy (Again, delayed on that one but really enjoying it, my favourite work by Bendis ever to be honest)). She has yet again proven herself to be a fab leader. The rest of the team is also X-cellent. I’ve always been a fan of the likes of Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler as they have a wonderful dynamic that has evolved over the lengthy period of time that they have been together.

In comparison with Blue, Gold seems to be taking a more focused look at what defines the X-men: the view that they are somehow a danger to the rest of humanity. In some ways, having this rest on the shoulders of the older X-men makes sense, they’ve grown with it’s shadow hanging over them from the very beginning so they are better equipped to deal with it (Not that I think the younger ones couldn’t, it simply feels better here). On the note of the beginnings, the summary of the X–men’s history was a wonderful thing to include, especially for those just getting into the X-men.

Syaf‘s style of art is one I did enjoy. I don’t agree with what his secret messages were supporting, especially considering the strong ties that the X-men have with discrimination. That aside, it did have a great detail that the colours really rounded off.

Overall, X-men Gold does a good job of respecting the teams past. What this means for their future, I don’t know.

  • Story – 9/10
  • Art – 8/10
  • Overall – 8.5/10

If you have any thoughts or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Review: X-men Gold #1

  1. Thought history artists have always hidden
    symbols, ideas, & codes within their work to
    communicate with those in the know. This
    comic is now worth $30, (since the controversy)

    It felt bizarre for Marvel to be doing a re-launch
    & not relying on top talent to helm the books as
    they have in the past. One reason for hesitation
    was there was no consistent artists across the X-
    Line. When usually there is a main artist & then
    a second artist that usually alternate story arcs.

    As an artist myself, it is worrying that Marvel isn’t
    coughing up the cash to pay top tier talent, when
    we consider this is THE premier comic company
    on the planet it would make sense to compensate
    talent that makes Marvel their bread & butter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that it can a good thing having new talent given the opportunity to make their start on such big books. That being said, a lot was riding on this X-reboot so it is a little odd they went with someone more Unknown.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We are ALL for bringing new talent on board, (which is why
        most books have a 2nd “fill in artist” to keep books on
        schedule, but like you said, this was THE Big Re-boot for
        the X-Line & the Main book. It is crazy they went with an
        unkown & 2 the editors must have been asleep at the wheel
        to not go over the pages with the Editorial Eye to catch this
        before it went to press. That is what happens when you do
        not pay people enough to do their job properly in any field.

        Liked by 1 person

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