Life on Mars: Introduction

(Photo Credit – NASA)

To clarify, this isn’t a feature revolving around my wild theories on extra-terrestrials. Nor is it a tribute to the great David Bowie. Nor is it an examination of the bacteria that lives on the Roman god of war. Sorry if I’ve let anyone down on that front, the prospect of examining whether or not salmonella exists on a Roman god does sound exciting.

I recently finished Andy Weir’s ‘The Martian’ and fell in love with the red planet we call our celestial neighbour and, more importantly, the possibility of human life existing on its surface. Hence, a new feature is a born.

I intend to take a deeper look into Mars and what problems humanity faces in getting to Mars, actually living there and the return journey (Unless, of course, the structure is more permanent or you decide you’re done with humanity and don’t want to go home). However, this wouldn’t be much fun if I just talked about all the issues with Mars. I also intend to have a look at solutions and how far off we are from being able to implement them.

If this actually goes some where, we could looking at expanding.  We could be taking a trip all around the solar system and beyond, all from the comfort of your sofa or where ever you choose to read this. For now though, we’re going to keep it closer to home (Though not that close, really. The Moon would probably be a better place to start but Mars feels more interesting (Sorry Moon)).

I can’t promise regular posting on this front as I’m hardly a regular blogger as it is but this is something I am quite interested in and I am going into it with a sort of action plan. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions please feel free to  leave them in the comments.  Thank you.


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