Secret Empire: July 2017 – Brave New World

Secret Empire: Brave New World continues to shine a spotlight on characters that readers may not be as familiar with. This month we go to all corners of Secret Empire: Space, New Tian, Manhattan and the rest of the USA.


Secret Empire: Brave New World #3

  • The Daily Bugle never miss an issue and no Darkforce dome is going to stop them. Kraven wants Spider-man but will settle for J Jonah Jameson. With the help of Spider-Women, his neice helps Jameson and the Bugle manage to publish the issue.
  • Starbrand is feeling more lost than ever before. He has nigh-infinite power at his fingertips but doesn’t know how to use it. He tries to find a weakness in the shield but has no luck. He is very much alone.
  • Namora has managed to gain access to the Weapon. After a misunderstanding, Hammond destroys the control panel but only escalates the situation by releasing the beast.
  • Toro manages to lure it back into its pen, only just managing to escape it himself. Namora is brought under control and accepts the consequences for her actions: Public Execution!

Before Sacks ‘Back in the Fight’ I hadn’t seen J Jonah Jameson in ages. His reaction to Spider-Woman saving the day was expected and rather amusing. Overall, it was a great story about hope, something Manhattan could really do with right now. Lorenzana’s illustrations accompanied the story well, Arciniega’s colours really helping reflect the lighter tone of this story.

Starbrand isn’t a character I had met before so I appreciated his inclusion in this issue. Visaggio writes the young hero really well, his confusion and lonliness coming across exceptionally well in just 4 pages. He hasn’t got any other young heroes to relate with which I can only imagine adds to his troubles. Izaakse and Bonvillainart is a wonderful explosion of colour evoking some a sense of hope amongst the difficulties the heroes in space face.

Sanctuary’ continues to intrigue as we reach the climax. I’m not entirely sure where the story is going yet which I think is down to the slightly disjointed feel I get reading snippets of it every month. I will most likley re-read it in one sitting to make better sense of what exactly is going on. Apart from thst, the creative team continue to deliver a fab story of treachery.

  • Story – 8/10
  • Art – 8/10
  • Overall – 8/10


Secret Empire: Brave New World #4

  • Misty Knight is helping shepard Inhumans to safety but Hydra keep locating them. After some car trouble, Misty meets Mech, a man who belongs to a community of survivalists. In Mech, Misty finds a solution. His community agree to take on the Inhumans, keeping them safe and out of view of Hydra.
  • In New Tian, Emma Frost fights back against a rebellion of Mutants and Humans. She’ll do whatever it takes to protect the Mutants in New Tian. Whatever it takes.
  • Atlantis prepares for the public execution of Namora. Namor contemplates recent events as Toro and Hammond sit in a prison cell. Namor goes to execute his cousin but chaos ensues as his people attack him.
  • Namor’s right hand man/ woman goes to see Toro and Hammond, asking them for their trust in return for granting them freedom. Namor tries to push his people away but is soon overwhelmed!

I don’t know loads about Misty Knight’s character so it was great to have her appear this issue. Pacheco delivered an unexpectedly heartfelt story about helping people out. I thought this short would be more about fighting (I guess not judging a book by its cover really did apply here). The inclusion of the survivalist community was rather entertaining. Arizmendi and Rauch’s art was fantastic. They really went to down with outfits and towns that the community lived in.

I was super happy to return to New Tian even if it was only for a short time. The whole mutant/ human alliance in rebellion that Chu highlights is very interesting. I hope this means we might get a shift in attitudes concerning the Mutant community. Niemcyzkart was fab, more simplistic than others but effective. Her take on Emma’s diamond form was less armour like but it suited the situation well.

‘Sanctuary’ was better this issue, I have more of a sense of where the story is going. Namor’s right hand man/ woman raises a few questions as to his/ her identity. With the Invaders theme in mind it may be another WW2 veteran hero which would be fun. We shall have to wait and see what the Creative team have in store for us in the final issue.

  • Story – 9/10
  • Art – 8/10
  • Overall – 8.5/10

Some really intriguing stories this month which had a great scope of perspectives. #4 may be my favourite issue so far, we shall to wait and see what #5 brings to the table. If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments. Thank you.



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