The Buy Pile: June 2017

This month we see current arcs end and new ones begin. Spider-Man goes toe-to-toe with Norman Osborn as the Sorcerers Supreme attempt to defeat the author of the Word of God. Viv Vision meets a new hero and Ms Marvel’s world gets turned upside down. Let’s get to it!


Amazing Spider-Man #28

  • Osborn has launched a rocket at the civilian population! Mockingbird goes to defuse it whilst Spidey and Silver Sable go to the castle to tackle Osborn and the Countess. They split to take one out individually.
  • Spidey finds Osborn and pursues him through the corridors. He is suddenly shrouded by gas, powerless. This is going to be a fight of fists, nothing else. Parker charges at Osborn, sending them both out of a window.
  • Silver Sable overcomes Karkov easily but Parker’s fight is not as easy. They fight hard, neither really gaining the upper hand. Meanwhile, the Wild Pack and Mockingbird manage to stop the rocket.
  • The arrival of SHIELD causes Osborn to quickly retreat. Bruised and exhausted, Peter collapses to the ground. With Osborn stopped, the Uncle Ben foundation move in to help rebuild. Osborn knows now who he must become: The Green Goblin!

Slott delivers one heck of a dramatic conclusion to an emotionally challenging arc. The Osborn-Parker fight was raw with emotion. Their bitter rivalry really shines through the dialogue they exchange and seeing them tear into each other with such ferocity is borderline uncomfortable. This issue also highlighted how important the people in Peter’s life are, ultimately saving the day with Peter. An emotional finale to an exciting arc to the say the least.

Immonen, Grawbadger, Gracia and Mossa’s art was, as ever, simply perfect. The fight scene was that bit better because of detail and colour used. Awesome art for an awesome finale.

  • Story – 8/10
  • Art – 8/10
  • Accessibility – Very Unfriendly – What with being the conclusion of the arc, you’re better off just waiting for the next issue (Though, at this point, Marvel Legacy is probably the best jumping on point for the Amazing Spider-man). You could always go back to #25, a pretty solid jump on point.
  • Overall – 8/10


Champions #9

  • Things get a bit awkward back at the Olympus Base when Viv’s family history is brought up. Viv takes a trip to San Diego to check on the Freelancers. Suddenly, a costumed individual jumps on the cab and Viv follows.
  • Viv meets Red Locust, proud inheritor of a heroic legacy stretching back centuries. They team-up to take on a drug trafficking gang who are tied to the human traffickers seen in #1. They are victorious, freeing the workers held captive.
  • With everything sorted, Red Locust leaves the crime scene quickly. With money taken from the drug traffickers, she apologises to the cab driver for damaging his vehicle. Viv offers to take her out for lunch to talk but she has something sorted.
  • Red Locust Origin! The armour she wears comes from the Locust Brotherhood, a 200 year old organisation who protect nomads and vulnerable travellers. Viv offers to inquire about her becoming a member of the team and she gets very excited.

New Superhero! Yay! Ramos was given the opportunity to create a new Mexican superhero and its safe to say he has hit the ball right out of the park. The Red Locust is awesome! She has such a wonderful energy and innocence of a new superhero, I can only hope that she becomes a member of the Champions long-term. Viv was the right choice for introductions I feel. She too is still rather new to the whole superhero thing so it was great to see her offer guidance to Red Locust. The connection to #1 is definitely interesting, I’m curious to see who or what lies at the centre of all this nasty business. Waid is teasing something very intriguing.

  • Story – 9/10
  • Art – 9/10
  • Accessibility – Friendly – You need to have a basic knowledge of the Champions to understand what it is going on but this is a great stand alone issue.
  • Overall – 9/10


Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #9

  • The Sorcerers Supreme and Howard the Duck are trapped in the Book! The team progress through the pages, trying to find a way out. They manage to tear some pages out and create paper cranes, flying through a strange dimension.
  • They confront the Author, now riding a dragon. The Author sets the dragon on fire revealing the trick: The sorcerers got him to burn a page from the Book. Drained of his power, Wiccan uses the Mark to crush the Author.
  • Newton uses a shred of the book to teleport the team back to reality. Wiccan then uses the Mark to restore order. Yao gets his hand back, Mindful is reformed and Newton restrained. Doctor Strange is concerned about his use of the Mark.
  • He sends Nina and her brother back to their time but suddenly falls. The Mark has affected Wiccan in more ways than first thought as he lies there, a look of death about him.

The ‘pages of the book’ sequence was fantastic! Rodriguez and co did a fantastic job this issue on the illustrative side. The two page spread of the strange dimension the team enter is phenomenal and throws back to why I first came to enjoy this title. They delivered yet another wonderfully weird issue of art.

Thompson delivered a great finale to this arc. The way the team overcame the Author was ingenious and original. I look forward to seeing The Mark investigated further. I really like Wiccan as a character so I hope he’ll be alright.

  • Story – 8/10
  • Art – 9/10
  • Accessibility – Unfriendly – Again, this issue requires a fair bit of context. Seeing our heroes inside a book will raise a few questions without a doubt.
  • Overall – 8.5/10


Ms Marvel #19

  • Kamala is with her family who are preparing for Eid Al-Adha. Kamala becomes connected to a sheep who unfortunately meets a sad end early on to go in a biryani. Despite her loss, Kamala happily joins her family in song on the drive home.
  • All seems well as they stop by their local mosque, soaking in the community spirit at this special time. Their fun is cut short when they come across a road blockade with the sign ‘Bring Back the Real Jersey City’.
  • Whilst the Khans and their friends settle down for a meal, Kamala goes to the Waterfront to investigate. There she meets someone she expected to see, Beck St Jude: Lockdown. However, she’s not alone. Introducing Discord!
  • They throw down and Ms Marvel dodges Discord’s attacks with ease. Except for the electric bands, which bring her to her knees. Discord gets inside her head and she realises that she has ignored the people for a long time. She’s then knocked out.
  • After a hefty meal, Aamir takes the left over Biryani down to Mrs Papazisi. However, he is arrested for having unregistered superheroes.

I love issues like this one. Since I started reading Ms Marvel, I’ve learnt a great deal more about the Muslim faith than I probably would have done on my own. Wilson is a master of including details in a way that feels really natural. Alongside the great educational content came something I think everyone reading Ms Marvel expected: the return of Becky. However, her partner Discord raises some interesting questions for a number of reasons. First, their identity. It’s teased that it’s someone Ms Marvel has met before (It had better not be Bruno, I swear…). I’m trying to work out who it is but I currently stumped. We shall have to wait and see. Their questioning of Ms Marvel’s concern for the people is also very intriguing. Ms Marvel has always been about the people of New Jersey but has she really been focusing on them as of late?

Falla and Herring are on art for this issue and they were great. They use some wonderfully vivid colours in the fight scene which make it a delight(?) to view (Not sure I can refer to a fight as delightful but meh). They really shouldn’t have made Flossie the sheep so darn cute…

  • Story – 9/10
  • Art – 9/10
  • Accessibility – Friendly – There will naturally be questions about some things but I think you could just about get away with reading this issue with some basic knowledge about Ms Marvel.
  • Overall – 9/10

Some great issues this month. We see a few more heroes join the fray next month as the tide begins to turn on Hydra. If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments. Thank you.

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