All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1: Oh dear…

My family and I went to London on Saturday to see the live musical version of Annie (Which I may review in the coming days, not sure yet). Part of the trip also involved me paying a visit to Forbidden Planet because my parents were kind enough to take me.

Before we go into one of my purchases, some context. As many of you are probably aware, the Guardians of the Galaxy graced our screens a few months ago in what I would describe as a fab action-adventure film which very nearly brought me to tears (But being the tough guy that I am… Who am I kidding, I welled up). Since then, the Mighty World of Marvel have been printing the ANAD Marvel Guardians series which I have found immensely enjoyable. However, their stay was short lived (though not completely finished, we are getting Mother Entropy for the next few issues which should be fun). The thing is, it reminded me how much I enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy in comic form. So, with an itch in need of scratching, I purchased the first issue of their new series.

The first issue follows the team pulling off an incredibly challenging heist on a heavily defended fortress. With a well thought out vehicle they manage to break in and steal what they came for. They proceed to meet with their client only to be seemingly stood up, most of the team pointing the finger at Quill. One giant space fish later and the team meet their client: The Grandmaster! He thanks them and sends them off on another task which involves stealing from the Collector! Uh oh.

I must admit, this isn’t what I expected to see the Guardians of the Galaxy doing. That being said, it was incredibly entertaining. Their slight abuse of a certain heavy hitter’s reputation to get past the defences was nothing short of genius, a real twist that paid off. I’m actually glad they are going to steal something else next issue. They face an even greater challenge going up against the Collector which I imagine will be equally entertaining.

Had I been completely unaware of who the Guardians of the Galaxy were, this issue would have really helped introduce me to the team and given a basic overview of who they are as individuals. I myself am familiar with the team but I hadn’t followed the ‘Grounded’ arc that preceded this title where a lot seems to have happened. I must say that Drax’s change of tune has added a great deal more depth to his character personally. I loved him as a raging warrior but his pacifism provides an excellent opportunity for character development.

Baby Groot was perhaps my biggest concern going into this issue. It did feel a bit like Marvel were pandering to the cinematic universe by making him an equally adorable baby in the comics but this issue teased some very interesting Groot stuff later down the line. As with previous issues, trying to work out what Groot was saying was a welcome challenge. His double act with Rocket, a tradition at this point, was great to see. They are easily one of my favourite pair of friends in the MU.

Kuder and Svorcina on art tied this fantastic issue together wonderfully. From characters to landscapes they crafted a wonderful alien environment one would expect to see in the Marvel cosmos. The highlight for me was definitely character stuff though. The Guardians and the Grandmaster were just illustrated gorgeously, vibrant colours and wonderful detail. Star-lord’s new(ish) outfit is minimalistic but jazzy (And he rocks a full-on beard). I would happily wear it in a coat format out and about (Not that I go out that much). Just fantastic.

In relation to the now-I-think-about-it-but-can’t-be-bothered-to-change-it clickbait title, oh dear indeed. This issue was just brilliant and I feel terribly compelled to carry on with this title. The team have such a wonderful dynamic in a wonderful setting. I don’t think I had actually met the comic version of the Grandmaster until I read this issue. I’m going to have to give it some thought but the more I do the more I want to see where this story has gone and where it is going. We shall have to wait and see…

  • Story – 9/10
  • Art – 9/10
  • Accessibility – Very Friendly – I don’t think I have to explain this one…
  • Overall – 9/10

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