The Liebster Award (Updated)

Thank you to Alifia and Morgan for the kind nominations. If you are looking a great blog on fashion, makeup and motivation check out Alifia’s blog. If you are looking for an equally great blog on writing and reviews make sure you check out Morgan’s blog. Personally, I think you should check out both because they are both excellent.

Before I begin, the rules:

  1. Post this award on your blog
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. State 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Answer the questions given
  5. Think of 11 more questions for the nominees to answer


11 Facts about yours truly

  1. I go by middle name for reasons I can’t explain.
  2. I regularly fantasise about being Spider-Man.
  3. I am currently contemplating what I want to do with my life with little success.
  4. I have an eclectic taste in music.
  5. I have taken it upon myself to try and learn Japanese and Dutch.
  6. Snapchat is something I happily live without.
  7. Before collecting comic books, I liked collecting rubber ducks.
  8. Though I enjoy the company of other people, I prefer solitude.
  9. I’m not overly keen on Funko Pop! figures, though I do own two.
  10. I am a fan of Hydra Cap, it’s a fresh take on an old character.
  11. Though I appreciate other comic publishers, Marvel is my favourite.


Q&A – Alifia

Your favourite TV show/ film?

I would probably have to go with Parks & Recreation. I came to the show well after it had finished meaning I could watch all 7 seasons without having to wait. I was rather upset when I finished it a few months ago.

Favourite genre of books?

I have grown rather fond of the non-fiction variety. I am slowly working through books involving physics, slowly because it takes me a few minutes to compute exactly what I’m reading. Quantum Physics is proving a real challenge at the moment.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Though I am a fan of the Ghostbusters, I don’t really in ghosts. If they are real, I’m hoping for more of a ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ kind of situation instead of Paranormal Activity. I don’t need that kind of nonsense in my life.

Do you prefer a city in the day time or night time?

Though it would depend on the city, probably night time. Sure having all the lights on is killing our planet but it sure does look beautiful. Though I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about murderers, night walks through city parks would be fun.

The most exciting memory you can remember?

It would have to be my first time in a comic book shop. Coupled with the overflowing excitement of being in Canada, ascending the stairs into Silver Snail comics left me over the moon.

The most inspirational quote you’ve ever heard?

‘Good’ is not a thing you are. It’s a thing you do.

Kamala Khan, Ms Marvel

If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen?

I’m torn between the start of the universe and the Moon landing. It would be great to see how all of this came to be. That being said, I hold the Moon landing in high regard. I’m going to say Moon landing.

The best thing to blog about? 

Again, torn between Physics and comics. On a personal level, I would have to say comics. I have become incredibly connected to that world and I don’t really get to fully express how my thoughts and feelings on them out loud. My blog helps me let off some steam.

A place you’d like to travel to? 

Though it terrifies me a little bit, Space. I don’t even have to go that far, I’d just like to see Earth and watch it for a while. That’s an activity I think every single person on this planet should take part in. We could do with a existential change in attitude.

Would you rather forget all past memories or never be able to make new ones?

Forget past memories. It would be incredibly hard but the thought of not being able to make any more memories when I still have (hopefully) so much of my life left to live doesn’t bear thinking about.

What’s the superpower you would love to possess?

I know I said I fantasise about being Spider-Man but I don’t really know. Super-speed would probably be my top pick. Learning stuff really fast would be great as well being able to travel the world in the blink of an eye.


Q&A – Morgan

Favourite Actor?

A tricky one. Actor, I’m going to say Chris Pratt. From Andy Dwyer to Peter Quill, Pratt never fails to put a smile on my face. Tom Holland would probably come a close second. Actress, Evangeline Lilly. She recently popped up on my Facebook newsfeed in her Wasp costume and I was reminded how great a character she was in Ant-Man.

For book to film adaptations, do you read the book or watch the film first?

If I know a film is based off a book, I’ll try and read it first. However, I more often than not end up watching the film first and visiting the book later, like with Harry Potter. In some ways I prefer it because the books are great deal better in most cases.

I haven’t watched any Lord of the Rings yet because I want to read the books. I’ll probably be 40 by the time I get them finished but I will wait.

A universe you would love to visit?

The Marvel Universe would definitely be my first choice. However, I wouldn’t mind visiting our very own universe in greater detail.

Something you want to see happen in the next twenty years?

World Peace would be brilliant but I would quite like to see humanity establish a colony on another celestial body. The Moon would be a great start if Mars is too hard.

One thing a character can do that will make you stop liking them?

I don’t really know. I think straying away from who they are as an individual, be that good or bad, would probably put me off. If Peter Parker stopped caring about other people I would definitely struggle to continue liking him.

What super-power would you want to have?

If I couldn’t have super-speed, telekinesis. You can do an awful lot of good being able to move stuff with your mind but I wouldn’t be opposed to a little mischief once in a while.

Funniest memory?

Hmmmmm… I would probably have to go with Christmas 2016 in Canada. The whole season was full of laughter and joy with my family over there. Definitely going to be a silly season I’ll remember for a long time.

Favourite book?

From recent memory, The Martian. I had seen the film ages ago and when it appeared in the school library I borrowed it straight away. It surpassed an already brilliant film with extra detail and a healthy dose of humour. It inspired my ‘Life on Mars’ feature as it was just great. I’m not overly keen on re-reading books but it’s one I would happily revisit any number of times.

What was the last film you watched and what did you think of it?

I might be wrong but the last film I watched fully was Lego Batman. I had wanted to see it for a while because I had enjoyed the Lego Movie. It was fun but it kind of fell short of my expectations. That being said, they probably weren’t gauging it to be watched by a 17 year old boy…

The cover of ‘Man in the Mirror’ they play is currently in my favourites playlist on Spotify.

Least favourite book?

The Watchmen graphic novel (I’m not sure if that counts but it’s the only one I can think of). I’m not sure if it was my age but I failed to see why it was held in such high regard by so many people. I could probably do with revisiting it now I’m a little bit older.

A film you expected to like but really didn’t? (or vice versa) 

I’ll go vice versa on this one and say the live action Beauty and the Beast. I’m mostly opposed to the idea of musicals, 3 hours of Les Misérables almost killing me (I was counting words they didn’t sing and I think it came to a grand total of 2-4). However, for the most part, I really enjoyed Beauty and the Beast. The new songs were fab and I had a lot of fun watching it.



  1. If you could have any fictional animal character as a companion, who would you choose?
  2. If you could speak another language fluently, fictional or real, what would it be?
  3. Would your rather explore the depths of the ocean or climb Mt Everest?
  4. If you could only drink one hot beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  5. What is your opinion on sand?
  6. If you could travel anywhere, fictional realms included, where would you go?
  7. If you could visit any period in history, where would you go?
  8. Who is your personal hero?
  9. What is your favourite format of cooked potato?
  10. What career did you want to have when you were a child?
  11. Do you collect anything?




If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments. Thank you.





3 thoughts on “The Liebster Award (Updated)

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination!
    There are some really great questions, so let’s give them a go!

    1 The coolest fictional companion would be Falkor the Luck Dragon
    2 To be omnilinugal would be amazing to speak & understand all languages
    3 Explore the depths of the ocean. Too many people have done Everest
    4 Green Tea is always good!
    5 Fine sand is fine, jagged shelly sand not so much
    6 The Nexus from Star Trek Generations
    7 Visiting the year 2222 would be interesting
    8 My sister is my hero she has been on 2 deployments to Afghanistan
    9 French fries are the only fried food I couldn’t live without
    10 I always wanted to be an artist, for as long as I could remember
    11 Contemporary art, comic books, music, Magic the Gathering cards

    Again thank you for the nom! Keep up all the great work & analysis !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! I’ll start pondering your wonderful questions now. However, since the school year began, I’m writing slowly so it MIGHT take me a little time to put this together. But it’ll happen, sooner or later :). Thank you again!!

    Liked by 2 people

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