How to teach Quantum Physics to your Dog by Chad Orzel

Quantum physics is an aspect of physics my A-level course only really touches upon briefly with a section on photons and wave-particle duality. With a desire to explore the topic further, I thought Orzel’s book would be the best place to start.

This book follows a series of conversations exchanged by Orzel and his German Shepard, Emmy, over the complexity of quantum physics. Together, they explore everything from wave-particle duality and the uncertainty principle to quantum tunnelling and teleportation. The conversations mostly revolve around Emmy having a problem which she thinks quantum physics can solve.

I won’t lie, I’m possibly more confused about it all than I was going in. Getting to grips with stuff as strange as superposition and wave functions is definitely headache-inducing stuff. That being said, this was definitely the right introduction into quantum physics personally.

Orzel finds a great balance between scientific jargon and more light-hearted fun. Between lengthy explanations of concepts are delightful ‘conversations’ between Orzel and Emmy that both strengthen at least a basic grasp of the content covered as well providing a much needed reprieve from what can sometimes feel like an information overload. The use of dogs in examples really helped me to piece together at least a foundation upon which I can build up a better understanding of quantum physics.

Though my understanding may have only improved marginally, I actually gained a great deal from reading this. I, oddly, feel more confident exploring branches of physics I find a little overwhelming to think about. It has sparked a wonderful curiosity to explore the world of physics in greater detail and evoked a greater appreciation of topics I’m not so keen on. I would recommend this to anyone looking to explore quantum physics with a healthy dose of canine fun thrown in.

I really want a German Shepard now…


3 thoughts on “How to teach Quantum Physics to your Dog by Chad Orzel

  1. I have no formal training in upper level sciences but I am fascinated by Quantum Physics! I read what I can (veeeeeeery slowly) when I can find something my speed. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but there’s a film called ‘What the Bleep?!? Down the Rabbit Hole.’ It’s part documentary and part fictional narrative and does a great job breaking down Quantum Theory in an understandable way. It also has a fun, quirky feel to it. Also, I’ve returned to John Polkinghorne’s ‘Quantum Theory: A Very Short Introduction’ often as well. Brian Greene addresses Quantum Theory in part in ‘The Hidden Reality’ and ‘The Fabric Of The Cosmos’ too. I enjoy his writing…even if I have to move through it slowly at times :). What a great post! I might have to check this book out myself now!

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    1. Thank you ever so much for recommendations, I shall to check them out post haste!

      Personally, whenever I hear the words ‘Quantum Physics’ I know I’m in for a wonderfully weird adventure into stuff that blows my mind (Mostly because I can’t really compute it that well at the moment but also because it is just so amazing).

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