Secret Empire: August 2017 – Brave New World

The final issue of this mini-series takes readers to a number of ‘Secret Empire’ hotspots: Dark Force-enshrouded Manhattan, New Tian and Atlantis. As before, it enlightens readers to the goings-on of lesser known characters in the MCU. This issue:

  • Blade tries his hand at teaching children whilst searching for a Brood-sire slayer.
  • Domino has Emma Frost, ruler of New Tian, in her cross hair.
  • Namor, with the help of his people and allies, is restored to his rightful place as ruler of Atlantis.

Much like the Misty Knight story seen last time, Lessons took me by surprise considering how serious the cover looks. Of all the places I would expect Blade to go, a school was too low on my list. Seeing him attempt to deal with children was incredibly entertaining, his outfit acting tying this gem of a tale in a bow. Of course, what with this being a Blade story and all, there was a bit of a scuffle with the Brood-sire but what followed was a rather sweet conversation with a vampire relishing in the ability to learn some stuff whilst the Sun is blocked out. Spurrier delivered an unexpectedly entertaining story which is definitely amongst my favourites of the series. Torres and Lopes on art was equally great, their use of brighter colours adding to the more light-hearted tone of this story.

I’m not overly familiar with Domino which may have contributed to my opinion of her story  but I didn’t enjoy it that much. Though I wasn’t overly fond of it as a whole, Williams does a fantastic job in addressing the problem of sexual harassment in such a short space of time which is definitely the highlight of the story. Ibáñez and Ramos do a pretty solid job on art, the attention to detail and colours used making it an enjoyable spectacle. Despite this, I didn’t overly enjoy the short story.

The last instalment of Allor’s Sanctuary has a big reveal that is somewhat ruined by the events that took place in Secret Empire #8. Despite this, it was great to see so many original Invaders together. The conclusion does go a fair way in wrapping up what this story was about but I will have revisit the whole thing in one sitting in the near future me thinks. Level and Boyd deliver the same great art seen in the past 5 issues which, as mentioned before, pays tribute to the more classic style fans of comics know and love.


All in all, this series has been a pretty solid look at the more obscure characters in the Marvel Universe. It is probably best described as hit-and-miss in terms of quality but, overall, I’ve enjoyed seeing what the likes of Blade, Misty Knight and Starbrand have been getting up in this near-hell scape called Secret Empire.

  • Story – 7/10
  • Art – 8/10
  • Overall – 7.5/10


Apologies for not posting in almost 2 weeks. I haven’t made the time to do any blogging as of late for which I have to apologise for. In light of my absence I have fallen somewhat behind in my comic reviews and other stuff. In terms of comics, I will most definitely wrap up my Secret Empire stuff after which I intend to start afresh with Marvel Legacy, starting with Marvel Legacy #1. I will try and post some stuff to do with Physics in the coming weeks but we shall have to wait and see if I can actually get myself organised. I won’t make any promises but I shall try harder.


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