The Amazing Spider-Man #789 & #790: With Great Power…

It feels appropriate to kick of my Marvel Legacy reviews with a look at Spider-Man, both as a character who can be traced back to Marvel’s humble beginnings and one whom I hold in high regard. Following the transformative events seen during Secret Empire, how is Peter Parker holding up?

Peter Parker has hit rock bottom. His company has collapsed, his reputation is in tatters and all he can do is wallow in sadness. Despite all the great work he’s achieved, Parker has to face angry people, hurt friends and broken promises. However, as Spider-Man Parker is able to find some comfort, doing what he does best: helping people.

I finished these issues feeling rather disappointed. I didn’t really know what to expect from them but I soon realised how much I missed having Parker in charge of a company. Seeing Parker back at square one felt rather boring, a classic position Peter often finds himself him. However, my initial judgement may have been a little hasty.

Upon closer examination, this is a rather fantastic story revolving around the very core of Parker’s being: With Great Power comes Great Responsibility. Despite losing an aspect of the story that I absolutely adored, the rather nuanced focus on power and responsibility has left me pleasantly surprised (Though I could just be a bit slow, truth be told). As far as legacies go, Slott has managed to intertwine the cornerstone of Peter’s life with recent events incredibly, a homage to his extensive history that displays a true understanding of Parker’s character in my opinion. Slott gets a lot of negativity from people but I honestly can’t fault his subtly in addressing one of Parker’s key principles.

The issues also presents a fresh take on the Parker-Spidey dynamic with Spider-Man being the preferred option in this instance. Peter has previously struggled with finding a balance between his ordinary life and super heroics, often favouring normality over the extraordinary. Once again, Slott manages to rather seamlessly includes this theme, furthermore flipping it on its head with Peter finding solace in the adoration he receives as Spider-Man. It adds a new human element to his character, personally providing a comforting reminder that’s its okay to want to escape from the pressures of everyday life and fight crime (One can dream…) just take some time for one’s self.

I’m still not entirely sure where I sit on the whole Bobbi-Peter relationship but these issues do help develop their kindling romance. Though my aversion to romance in general has grown rather strong, their relationship is rather cute, a natural progression that is proving to be rather rewarding. One of the most enjoyable aspects of it is most definitely their team ups. The pair have yet to disappoint as Spockingbird (I believe that is their ship name, I’m not keen but hey ho), their crime-fighting antics providing wonderful spectacles for readers to enjoy.

One relationship I was glad to see revisited was Peter’s friendship with Johnny Storm. The entire situation with the Baxter Building, as expected, left Johnny rather angry but another curious twist was seeing Peter break a little bit. Having to face quite so much blame is enough to break anyone and seeing it happen to Parker provided another great human aspect to his character (Not that he isn’t normally human, just in a different way).

As always, Immonen manages to capture the mood to perfection. From Peter wallowing on Mockingbird’s couch to a battle with the Griffin that reminds Peter just how important he is to the people, Immonen delivers yet more superb art which I only look forward to going forward.

The Legacy Pages provided readers new and old with a reminder as to just how far Parker has come since 1962, a once nerdy high schooler to the former CEO of a global company that tried its best to help people. Thompson and Bagley do a stellar job condensing 55 years worth of history into just 3 pages.

  • Story – 8/10
  • Art – 8/10 
  • Accessibility – Friendly – Some of the Marvel Legacy stuff I’ve read has been a little confusing and sure context helps with these issues but I feel pretty confident that new readers should be able to pick this up relatively easily.
  • Overall – 8/10 

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One thought on “The Amazing Spider-Man #789 & #790: With Great Power…

  1. You captured my feelings on the Legacy run of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ exactly. I’ve tried to do a post on it myself but I found myself fumbling a bit with what I wanted to say. Thankfully you’ve nailed it for me :).

    When I look at my pull list, I keep trying to come up with a reason to cut this title as it’s bi-monthly and thus twice as expensive. BUT IT IS SO GOOD! Like you, I really miss Peter as C.E.O. of Parker Industries and Spidey’s international adventures. But I’ve also come to appreciate what Slott’s doing with him now. And I am really digging Peter and Bobbi. I like their dynamic both in and out of their superhero identities. In fact, I can’t believe I’ve come to enjoy their relationship so much because I’m one of those hold outs who still really wants to see Peter and Mary Jane’s love and marriage restored.

    Each issue of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ continues to be a lot of fun. Even when I think it’s going to disappoint, it finds a way to key me in.

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