Avengers #672 & Champions #13: And There Came A Day Unlike Any Other

October marked the beginning of Worlds Collide: the highly anticipated crossover of two of Marvel’s biggest teams. Despite their history, can the teams set aside their differences when the planet needs them most?

When a rather large meteor heading for Earth hurtles out of rift in space, the Avengers and Champions come together to save their home from an extinction level threat. They manage to stop it but the problem only escalates when a huge beast emerges from the meteor, the world’s tallest building begin to shake and two heroes are transported to a rather dangerous environment.

In light of recent events, it is understandable for two of Marvel’s biggest teams to engage in some classic super heroics to remind readers what superheroes are best at: protecting the people from whatever threat is thrown their way. In that respect, this is a great Legacy crossover that brings our heroes back to their very roots. Personally, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I know I’m incredibly biased when it comes to anything Secret Empire and I appreciate some would rather it remained a bad memory but I feel like a golden opportunity has been missed for a story that addresses the fallout of toppling an extreme regime like that of Hydra Cap. It’s all well and good showing the true Sentinel of Liberty give Hydra Cap a good ol’ throw down but the fight shouldn’t stop there. I’m not going to go into too much because I could go on for ages but I feel like a story with the Champions and Avengers simply going out and being heroes to a population that has been through one heck of an ordeal could have been really rewarding.

That’s not to say that what we got isn’t an entertaining read. The history shared between the teams is addressed really well throughout the two issues, making for some rather entertainingly awkward dialogue and action sequences. The Champions hold their own alongside a team who, on more than one occasion, refer to them as “Junior Varsity” which, I must admit, did make me smile. The Champions are worthy of more than just the labelling of children and they most definitely prove it. I do have a slight issue with the teams still feeling at odds, the past months showing the need for a united front more than ever but it does provide some entertainment in its own right.

The exploration of relationships between characters is perhaps the biggest highlight of the crossover so far. Viv and Vision in particular are characters that have a complicated history that is explored fantastically. I regrettably didn’t follow The Vision mini-series/ epic so my knowledge on their relationship is ashamedly limited but their interactions don’t leave the unaware feeling isolated which I appreciate immensely. It is beginning to unravel into a rather big aspect of the story which I’m excited to see unfold.

The threat posed to Earth is rather clichéd but the villain behind it seems intriguing. We don’t get to meet them in the first two instalments of this crossover but the implications of what they can do makes them seem like a genuine threat to this many heroes. We shall have to wait and see if they live up to the hype.

With this being a crossover we were treated to art from a number of talented individuals. Jesús Saiz covers the introductory issue superbly, the illustrations simply blowing me away with their detail. Ramos’ illustrations continue to fit the mood perfectly, the destruction wrought on some of the world’s tallest buildings coming to life fantastically. Another piece I have to mention is Ross’ cover for Avengers #672. Words cannot truly describe how sublime the cover is to marvel at but it is simply gorgeous. Not that I expect anything less from Mr Ross.

Overall, not a bad crossover so far. The threat, if somewhat clichéd, does feel like something that requires quite so much resistance and it has brought together two teams with a great history together, a relationship reflected fantastically in the dynamics between characters. Sure, I may have wanted something a little more meaningful considering the months of hardship our characters have faced as of late but it brings these titans back to their roots, doing what superheroes do best.

  • Story – 7/10
  • Art – 8/10
  • Accessibility – Friendly – You need a little bit of context but I think the 3-page catch up at the end of Champions #13 helps bridge the gap well enough.
  • Overall – 7.5/10







3 thoughts on “Avengers #672 & Champions #13: And There Came A Day Unlike Any Other

  1. I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!! I have been disappointed with the lack of Secret Empire fallout. In fact, I’ve come to resent the ‘Captain America’ title because the story was supposed to be about him going out to American and reconnecting with the people but instead everywhere he goes the people celebrate and throw a parade. There is NO SENSE that there are any ramifications at all from Secret Empire :(. That makes me so, so sad. I felt that way here too.

    The Champions would have been the perfect team to address it too! They left the Avengers because they wanted to do things differently…but then they don’t even address it? I agree that this is a fun crossover but I’m also ready to see the kids get back out on their own, doing what they do!

    Also, I’m so happy I know you love Secret Empire too! Otherwise, I could feel like I’m the only one who loved it/remembers it.

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    1. Agreed, I want to see the Champions go back to doing their own thing. By the sounds of things, what they are up to in their next arc is going to be a cracker.

      I’ve only read one issue of the new Captain America but I agree that Secret Empire appears to have been brushed under the carpet. I guess a part of what they are trying to do is reconcile long term fans of the character by bringing him back to the Steve Rogers they know and love. I can kind of see why they want to do this but it feels just a tiny bit spineless.

      I’m viewing it more as a personal exploration for Steve Rogers. He is a man very much alone having witnessed his face being worn on the very thing he has sworn to fight. I can’t think of an example where such a big hero has had his very being changed so drastically (Though I imagine there are plenty). It’s a reality Steve alone seems to be facing, the repercussions of such a burden hopefully leading to something more meaningful.

      I’m only sticking around till #700 but I’m going to remain optimistic that Secret Empire will be touched upon.

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      1. “He is a man very much alone having witnessed his face being worn on the very thing he has sworn to fight.” In my opinion, that;s the best line that’s been written about Steve Rogers since ‘Secret Empire’ ended. That’s what they need to be doing in the comic books! Writing like that! And yes, I too think what they’ve done is “a bit spineless.” That’s perfectly put.

        Oh well, I’m with you. I hope they address it sooner rather than later. It doesn’t even have to be big and melodramatic. But we should see some of the effects the whole thing left on Steve.

        I’m not sure if I’ll stay much past #700 myself. I know I want to see Ta-Nehisi Coates take over as I love him as an author. If he grabs me, yay! If not it will open up a place on my file :).

        You also have me even more intrigued about ‘Champions’ now. I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked into the next arc at all yet. Your excitement has me excited though!

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