Star Wars: Reconnecting

After the Last Jedi re-ignited my love for Star Wars, I was left with a burning desire to explore the rich tapestry that is the Star Wars Universe. Whilst our wait for the next instalment in the cinematic universe is considerably shorter than last time, I simply had too satiate my hunger for some Star Wars goodness. Thankfully, Marvel had the droids I was looking for.

The current comic line started back in 2015 so I had a whole lot of catching up to do which, honestly, was a bit daunting to begin with. With the help of my limited self-control, Christmas and birthdays, I have, for the most part, managed to catch up with the current selection of stories and I’m most certainly glad I did.

The topic I simply have to talk about first is characters. From what I’ve read so far, I’ve developed a deeper connection with not only the main characters but also the extended selection of existing and new characters. Luke’s quest to learn more about the Jedi is simply superb and gives such a fantastic insight into their rich history. I’ve been given a fresh perspective on the exploits of Darth Vader that has left me more terrified and more intrigued at one of the most recognised villains in cinematic history. Doctor Aphra, a new-comer, is an absolute gem that I fear we’ll never get to see on the big screen. The list goes on and I will expand on it when I look at the individual trades but if you’re looking to really get to know the characters who exist in this universe, Marvel have a provided a superb smörgåsbord of delightful developments.

Not only are we introduced brilliant characters but we are introduced to a multitude of new planets that are simply awesome. Nar Shaddaa gives Mos Eisley a run for its money, again hosting a great cast of characters, Sgt. Kreel in particular slowly becoming one of my favourite villains. Shu-Torun proves to be a fantastic war zone where Vader in particular proves his worth against some fierce challenges. We are taken all across the galaxy, the locations jumping out of the pages gloriously.

They do act as somewhat of a double-edged sword unfortunately. The stories are simply superb but unfortunately come a little too late to come to fruition with the original cast. That being said, It would most definitely transition well into animated television so who knows, there are projects in the pipeline which have promise to possibly bring just some of the stories held within the pages of these trades to life.

This is a bit of weird overview which arguably doesn’t do how I feel justice but if you take just one thing away from this let it be this: The comics are most definitely worth the time and investment if you are a fan of Star Wars (Though I imagine some of you already do read them). I intend to roll out reviews over the summer because, honestly, there is a fair bit going on at the moment that I’m afraid needs my attention and I don’t want the reviews to be half-hearted pieces of waffle that sell these wonderful volumes short.

I’ve also tipped my toe into the novel side of the Star Wars universe though that is, admittedly, limited to just one: Cobalt Squadron. My progress through it is slow but it is shaping up to be an enjoyable prelude to at least two aspects of the Last Jedi. More on that in the coming months.

Until next time, May The Force Be With You!


2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Reconnecting

    1. I’ve only read the original trilogy Vader stuff but I absolutely loved it. It reminded me why he is heralded as such a brilliant villain whilst fleshing out the conflict he went through over his allegiances.

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